Love Chocolate? Divine Chocolate Giveaway!!

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Are you obsessed with chocolate?  Do you want to win $30 worth of amazing, delicious, divine chocolate?


We absolutely love chocolate.  But, not just any old type of chocolate candy bar.  We love the dark, rich, nourishing chocolate that feeds our tastebuds and bodies.  Although we love crafting up dessert recipes here, like Raw Chocolate Pudding, sometimes we don't have the time to whip up a recipe.  If you are like us, and always looking for the next best chocolate company, you do not have to look any further.

We have found Wei of Chocolate.  And, we want to share it with you!

Wei of Chocolate is healthy- it's dark, fair-trade, organic, soy-free, dairy-free...and what truly sets it apart are the flower essences that are infused into the chocolates.  Flower essences are the subtle energetic frequencies of flowers, and they work with the body along the acupuncture meridians to bring balance.  Curious?  You can visit Wei of Chocolate's website and learn more about the flowers that you resonate with.


We were totally hooked.  Because we love these chocolates so much, we are offering a GIVEAWAY to one lucky winner!  You will win All the Wei 6 Flavor Assortment!


The All the Wei 6 Flavor Assortment includes:


Chai spice infused Wei Gratitude Chili infused Wei Love Espresso infused Wei Inspired Citrus infused Wei Joyful Pure dark Wei Relaxed Pure dark Wei Pure


Before the holidays start moving in (Halloween is just around the corner), how about you prepare yourself with some super amazing chocolate.


To Enter the Giveaway:

1. Go to Wei of Chocolate's Facebook Page and like them! and if you don't already like the Living Kitchen Facebook Page, please give us a like too!

2. Share this post on your Facebook Wall and/or your Twitter Account and/or Pinterest Account.  You will get one additional entry for each post you make (so, if you post on only Facebook, you get one entry.  If you post on Facebook and Twitter, you get 2 entries)

3. Then, make sure you leave a comment on this post, so that we know what you did!!


Giveaway runs until Friday, October 26th midnight EST to share, share, share and enter to win your chocolate!!!!

Winner will be announced Monday Morning!!!!!




Happy Chocolat-eating!!!