BPA, You No Friend of Mine

In the last few years bisphenol A (BPA) has become a controversial chemical found in many of our everyday products. I remember when I abandoned my beloved Nalgene when all of the 'hoop-la' about BPA occurred a few years ago and even Mountain Equipment Co-op pulled tons of Nalgene bottles from their shelves because of the controversy.

So, you may be asking now, what actually is BPA? Excellent question, here are a few quick facts: - BPA is an industrial chemical - it was first used in the 1930s as a synthetic substitute for estrogen - they later discovered BPA's ability to strengthen plastic and make it transparent. So, they started using it in everything and I mean everything - eyeglasses, DVDs, receipt paper, food containers, dental sealants, plastic drink bottles, baby bottles, food can linings and tons more.

Why do we care, lovely Living Kitchen ladies? Another excellent question! - studies have linked BPA to cancer, heart disease, brain dysfunction, impotence and infertility - pretty much a laundry list of things you don't want! - it's a potent endocrine disruptor (in plain English: it disrupts our hormones from functioning properly - to drive the point home, our hormones regulate and balance everything in our bodies!) - BPA is known to seep out of its wondrous plastic packages and into our bodies causing havoc. - Certain states in the US (you go California!) introduced bills to ban or regulate BPA usage. - Both the FDA and EPA announced they are evaluating regulation on BPA.

Now you may be thinking, "Well, if BPA is everywhere then I can't really avoid it so I guess I can't do anything about it" Nope, not true. A few Green-Friendly researchers decided to put out a report grading companies that use BPA in their canned products and the report tells you which products to avoid and which ones to buy! Click Here for the Full BPA Report!

Here's a quick summary version of the report.

Remember go BPA free whenever you can!