A New Year, A New You

Our health is something that is so important to us, however we often don’t pay attention or even notice our health until we become sick.  We let “I have no time,” “I’m too busy,” “there are more important things to do,” and “I don’t know how” get in our way from doing things to always be healthy and eat right for our bodies.  We need to change the context of what our health and wellness mean to us, in order to be nourished and beautiful.  To give an example from our own lives... As nutritionists, our everyday context of living makes food more important than most things.  There are many things that we kick to the curb, and willingly put food first (such as buying new clothes, going on vacation, even going to the movies). The other day we were at Rawlicious in Yorkville and before leaving we had about a 7 minute discussion on whether or not we should take the TTC and spend $3 on transportation.   As we went up to the cashier to pay for our meal, we noticed these gorgeous cashew macaroons sitting in a glass dish and a sign that said $3.  Without any hesitation, we bought the macaroons.  We would have spent the same amount of money on riding the TTC; however, our context around spending money on food is completely different from our context around spending money on transportation.

We all have things that we are willing or not willing to spend money, effort, and time on. We invite you to take a look at your context around nutrition, health and wellness and see what is most important in your life- work, money, family, health, nutrition, friends, time, and any other aspect of life.  What is your context around spending the time to take care of yourself and invest in your health?

There is a great distinction between our expectations and our commitments.  When we expect to do something we often are confronted by challenges, especially when things don’t turn out exactly how we expected, and we give up.  When we commit to something we’ll still encounter challenges, however, our commitment to the final goal will allow us to keep going until we get there.

We are committed to inspiring health, vitality and healing through conscientious eating and loving good food. We invite you to share in this with us for 2011.

Let’s commit to good nutrition and eating healthy food together!!

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With love and abundance in the New Year, Sarah and Tamara

tamara and me