Dehydrated? I think so!

Yesterday I went to this ultra-cool dance party groove workout class. No judgment please. While I was in the middle of flailing my arms as far away from my body as possible and jetting my knees out to reach the ceiling, I heard endless cracking and clicking coming from my joints and then it occurred to me, I, Tamara Green, am dehydrated. Yes, even as a nutritionist who knows that she should be drinking 8-10 8oz. glasses of water a day have gracefully fallen into this dehydrated state.

Now you may not think this is such a big deal but the truth is most of us out there spend our days dried up while our bodies are screaming for water. There are tons of signs that actually tell us that we are dehydrated but we don’t usually connect these signs to needing more water.

What are these signs Tamara? So, glad you asked....

1. Clicking and Cracking Joints. Our joints need to be lubricated in order to move fluidly as we use them, cracking and clicking occurs when there is not enough lubrication surrounding that joint. You know what can help? Good ol’ H2O

2. Your epidermis is showing!!! Your dry epidermis that is. - many of us out there lather our bodies with moisturizer, chap-stick and dandruff shampoo and what if all of our reptilia-scaliness could be healed by simply drinking more water? If you fall into this category, I recommend drinking tons more water and seeing the affect this has on your dry skin.

3. Headaches. Most of us tend to get these pretty often and many of us are unaware that our stress or tension headaches are actually related to our limited water intake. Water regulates the supply of blood and oxygen that flow to the brain and without proper blood flow a headache occurs. Water helps regulate this. So, More Water = Less Headaches.

4. Hunger. You know when you hear your stomach rumbling or your craving some sort of food but you’re not quite sure why? Well, many of our hunger signals are actually hidden thirst signals. When the control system of our brain recognizes that it needs more energy it either needs energy from a) hydroelectricity (from water) or b) sugar (from food) - but its need for water is much more urgent than its need for sugar. The brain puts out a sensation of thirst and hunger to indicate the brain’s needs but we don’t recognize the sensation for thirst and tend to go right for the food! Next time you start feeling tinges of hunger, drink a glass of water and then see how you feel.

5. Constipation. So many of us our plagued by bowels that just don’t want to let go! When we aren’t drinking enough water, our good friend, the colon, wants us to keep as much water in our bodies as possible and therefore restricts any unnecessary water loss that generally occurs when we excrete waste (classy way of saying poo). So, drink some water and then let it flow.

6. Thirst. Thirst is the most obviously telltale sign of dehydration but the truth is when you feel the sensation for thirst it’s a sign that your body already is pretty dehydrated. If you’re reading this and your thirsty, now is the time to grab that glass of water.

Being properly hydrated is so important because everything in our body relies on water, hell we are made up of at least 70% water! Hydration has a hand in pretty much every function of the body from nerve transmission to proper digestion. Hydration helps improve energy, increase mental and physical performance, remove toxins from the body and maintain glowing skin, so go get yourself some water. now. right now. yay!