Are You Ready for the 30 Day Nutrition Challenge?!!?

Ever feel gassy, bloated, sluggish, tired, stressed or just out of it? Want to eat healthy food, enhance your health and vitality, and feel amazing?

Here’s the secret to looking vibrant and feeling AMAZING:

The 30 Day Nutrition Challenge is fantastically-wicked, and just down right fabulous. And we would loooove to have you join us.

Here’s the best part about it: 1. you can live anywhere in the world and participate. 2. this class will fit into your lifestyle, especially if you are a busy bee 3. it’s on sale right now, for ONLY $50 (only until the end of January!!)

Here is what’s being offered: 1. weekly menu plans and recipes (easy to make and really tasty) 2. weekly grocery store lists 3. daily nutrition and lifestyle tips and guides 4. daily yoga and breathing exercises to incorporate into your morning and nightly routines 5. weekly teleseminars to keep you motivated and inspired 6. tips on what to eat out 7. individual over the phone nutrition coaching 8. weekly online videos with nutrition how-to’s and demos

Here are the changes you may see in your life: 1. Digestive ease 2. Increased energy 3. Decreased stress 4. Deep sleep and dreams 5. Hydrated and vibrant skin 6. Clearer mind 7. Heightened focus 8. Weight loss 9. Elevated mood 10. Happiness and confidence

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Stories from our personal lives…

Tamara: I used to suffer from terrible digestive pains and IBS.  I literally couldn’t eat a thing without feeling like crap afterward and feeling ridiculously bloated and sluggish.  Being in pain after I ate just became a normal part of my life.  I shifted my diet completely and my pain melted with every piece of kale that I ate.   I haven’t suffered from digestive pain in several years.

Sarah: I suffered from chronic fatigue, low energy, and hormonal imbalance for several years.  I was “out of it” all the time and always stressed.  But then I learned about nutrition.  I created a new way of eating and discovered how food truly impacted my health.  From then on everything started improving and now I am thrilled to say I can dance the night away and ride my bike without feeling pooped.

This 30 Day Nutrition Challenge will kick start you into the right direction of eating healthy!  Whether you want to start healing your body or just start improving your nutrition and eating habits, this course will motivate and inspire you to take charge of your health! We are here to keep you motivated and support you in transitioning health into your life!

Are you ready to take on THE CHALLENGE?

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