The (Greatest) Great Sugar Detox

Spring is here!  Although the weather may not agree, March 21st has officially happened and that means it’s time to cleanse the body from the excess of winter and prepare the body for spring. We have a wonderful online class coming up that will help you transition through the seasons; let go of the winter and step into the warmth of spring.  Spring is the perfect time to detox the body of toxins, especially excess sugar.  Sugar contributes to many imbalances such as fatigue, bloating, sluggishness, weight gain, sickness and hormonal imbalance. Want to really start eating healthy and feeling good about yourself?  But, don't feel like you have the time or know how to do it? These online classes are designed to fit into your busy life and teach you how to feel really great by eating good foods. We will teach you the tools you need to transform your kitchen and meals so that you will have lasting effects for your life and your family.  This is not another diet. This is a sustainable way of living to help you achieve your health goals. Although we will be sending out information about what to do and how to eat, it is up to you to take the initiative to experience the full extent of this valuable gift.  This knowledge is all you need to get the wellness you have always wanted and transform your health. 1. The Great Sugar Detox (April 10th-April 24th) PURCHASE HERE: ONLY $67
The Great Sugar Detox is 14 days of exciting, new, fun foods while eliminating sugar from the diet.  This menu will not be boring! The Detox is open to all omnivores, vegans, vegetarians as well as the the gluten and lactose intolerant! Why? Sugar can congest the body and contribute to fatigue, sickness, decreased immunity, bloating, acne, menstrual irregularities, depression, hormonal imbalances and weight gain.  Going sugar free for 14 days will allow you to connect with your body and see what happens when you remove sugar from your diet.  Eliminating sugar can help you get to the root cause of many different health concerns. How Does It Work? - Every day you will receive an inspiring, supportive email from us with a nutrition tip and encouragement. - Each week you will receive a full menu plan, recipes, and grocery list.  The recipes are designed to fit into your busy life.  You can follow 10%  of the plan or you can follow 100% of the plan- it is up to you.  Either way- we are here to support you!! - Teleseminars are about interesting, exciting, relevant nutrition and health topics. - Unlimited access to email us with questions. - You will learn about good, healthy sugars to use.  Plus, delicious, healthy recipes for desserts. - You will can also take part in the one-on-one nutritional coaching calls and receive personalized nutritional guidance! You may see: -  clearer skin and less acne - increased energy - comfortable weight and feel lighter - happier mood - improved digestion - hormonal balance - better focus Yes, The Great Sugar Detox is definitely a challenge but it is also an extremely supportive challenge! Now you might be thinking, “What am I going to do when The Great Sugar Detox ends, will I just go on a crazy sugar binge?” After the 14 days are over, we will provide you with recipes and guides on how to safely re-introduce “good healthy sugars” back into your diet so you feel fantastic and can still enjoy sweets! Click here to REGISTER for The Great Sugar Detox now and take control of your health now! We are here to support you and inspire you to feel fantastic and eat delicious, nutritious food!