Sweet on Natural Sugars: Sugar-Free & Flourless Double Choco Cookies



When we were kids, we were both sugar fiends in our own, individual ways.

Tamara’s diet heavily consisted of hamburgers, French fries, pizza, lots of chocolate bars and cookies (no need to pray for her soul, she grew up to become a holistic nutritionist). Sarah came from a non-traditional ‘hippy’ household, where the pantry was stocked with only the best natural and organic foods that Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s deemed acceptable. Sarah had a sugar obsession of her own and would stash Twizzlers, Starbursts and Kit-Kat bars under her mattress to be eaten at a later time when her parents were not around.

Although both of these sugar obsessions seem harmless, we both grew up with health issues of our own, where sugar played a leading role in the cause. Tamara suffered from severe IBS and chronic stomach pain. Her friends would have to escort her to the bathroom after meals and sit with her while they sang Indigo Girls songs until her pain would disappear. It wasn’t until she started to clean up her diet and eliminate refined sugars from her life that she eliminated her IBS completely and found pleasure in natural sugars and tons and tons of kale.

Sarah grew up as serious ballet dancer with a hidden junk food fetish and overtime developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as hormonal imbalance. She was always so tired and spent most of her days wishing she could sleep, like her cats. Although sugar was not the only contributing cause to her CFS and hormonal imbalance, it played a major role in creating fatigue because it would crash her blood sugar. Overtime, Sarah was able to disappear her CFS through a whole foods diet and replacing refined sugar with natural ones.

By now, you must be seeing the common theme here. Refined sugar is no friend of ours! It messes with our blood sugar, can cause hormonal imbalance, menstrual irregularities, fatigue, bloating, uncomfortable weight, decreased immunity, acne and tons more! In an effort to still please our taste buds and not be complete social outcasts we switched over to natural sugars like raw honey, maple syrup, fruit and dates! What makes these sweeteners particularly awesome is that besides being sweet as pie, they contain beneficial nutrients to actually nourish your body while nourishing your palette.

Here is our favorite gluten free recipe for double chocolate *naturally sweetened cookies with coconut icing!
** go to SweetOnVeg to get the FULL RECIPE!

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