30 Days of 30 Yummy Nutritious Meals

Do you ever wish that you didn't have to decide what to make for dinner?  Do you ever wonder about what you really should be eating to be healthy?  Do you want something to just get you on the path to feeling vibrant, energetic, and excited about your health?  

We will teach you the tools you need to transform your kitchen and meals so that you will have lasting effects for your life and your family.  This is not another diet. This is a sustainable way of living to help you achieve your health goals.

Although we will be sending out information about what to do and how to eat, it is up to you to take the initiative to experience the full extent of this valuable gift.  This knowledge is all you need to get the wellness you have always wanted and transform your health.


Check out what past challengers have said:

“Thank you for the great teleseminar this evening!  I already feel like I'm learning SO MUCH.  I also have just been feeling so great on the challenge so far, and it's only been two days.  Your recipes are so good that the food that's bad for me has already looked less tempting!” - Faye, previous 30 Day Nutrition Challenge participant


“COCONUT SMOOTHIES! these are what make my day! Minus the Rum..its a healthy Pina Colada!! I NEVER ate brussel sprouts without cheese sauce...so this is eye opening! I was also not one for breakfast...but hello quinoa zucchini muffins and apple pancakes! this helps me to not ignore breakfast or just have a coffee in the morning! I love mornings now..and have so much energy!” - Sarah, previous 30 Day Nutrition Challenge participant

2. The 30 Day Nutrition Challenge (April 17th) PURCHASE HERE: ONLY $75

The 30 Day Nutrition Challenge is an amazing way to take responsibility of your health and take action now! The Challenge is open to all omnivores, vegans, vegetarians as well as the the gluten and lactose intolerant!

Why? The 30 Day Nutrition Challenge is designed for people who feel stuck with their eating habits and self image.  The Challenge gets you out of your eating funks and gets you conscious of the quality of food you are putting into your mouth and how that food makes you feel.  These 30 Days will provide you with the tools you need to have lasting health and wellness.  We are available for constant support during the Challenge and we guarantee that you will feel better when you complete the Challenge.

How Does It Work? - Every day you will receive an inspiring, supportive email from us with a nutrition tip and encouragement. - Each week you will receive a full menu plan, recipes, and grocery list.  The recipes are designed to fit into your busy life.  You can follow 10%  of the plan or you can follow 100% of the plan- it is up to you.  Either way- we are here to support you!! - Teleseminars about interesting, exciting, relevant nutrition and health topics. - Simple yoga and breathing exercises to integrate into your life each week.  This is one of the unique aspects of the 30 Day Challenge- bringing a simple yoga and breathing routine into your daily schedule can do wonders for your health and entire life. - Unlimited access to email us with questions. - Access to a supportive forum to connect with other participants. - Easy, practical ways to integrate yoga and breathing techniques into your daily schedule to support health. - Personal coaching calls available.

You may see: - increased energy - digestive ease - better sleep - elimination of bloating and gas - comfortable weight - reduced stress - self love - elevated mood

REGISTER NOW All this for the cost of $75?!  It's a deal!  Your health is WORTH everything.