How to Know What to Eat

We are always receiving questions about what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat.

The simple answer is: we all have different nutritional needs and one diet might be amazing for you and a completely different diet might be best for someone else.

So, how do you know what is best for you?

Intuitive eating is one of the best ways to determine what you should be eating. Intuitive eating means finding a sense of awareness- being aware of how you feel when you are eating a food and how you feel after eating.

Physical Body:

1. This includes the digestive system. Things to think about-

  • how your stomach feels
  • if you have indigestion
  • if you are constipated
  • if you have to go to the washroom really quickly

2. This includes the rest of your body too. Things to consider-

  • how your head feels
  • if your joints are achy
  • if you are tired
  • if you feel unfocused
  • if you feel energized


Emotional Body:

Many of us eat specific foods when we are feeling a certain way. Food can powerfully influence our mood and how we are feeling. There are often those days when we feel sad or unfulfilled, when eating a sweet muffin or chocolaty cookie is just the thing to make us feel comforted, and warm and fuzzy inside. And what about the days when you feel off balance, stressed out, and too busy to fit everything into one day? Perhaps you crave something with caffeine, something to boost your energy and stamina. Or perhaps you crave something to calm you down, something heavier and filling such as root vegetables or protein.

What our bodies need varies each day, depending on what we are doing, what nutrients would benefit our health, and what energetic properties of foods would be balancing.

How to Use Your Intuition

  1. Take a few moments to sit. Find a quiet place, where you won’t be distracted. If there are noises and people around you (say you are in a restaurant), see if you can focus in on yourself for a few minutes. The washroom is a perfect place to escape to for connecting to your intuition.
  2. Sometimes it helps to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  3. In your mind, consciously state your question. You can also say this out loud. Example: What food would be best for me to eat now? What would nourish my body? What is my body actually craving? What do I really want to be eating
  4. Wait and listen.
  5. If your mind is calm and quiet, you will receive an answer. Sometimes the answer makes sense and sometimes you might wonder why a specific food is coming up for you.
  6. Try eating the food that came up for you. Notice how you feel, you might be surprised at what happens.