Sweet Snack! Easy Crispy Crunchers

written by Nicole Boyd


Do you have a soft spot for sweets?


I have to be an honest nutritionist and let you all know that I have a mega sweet tooth. I am not sure who to blame for this weakness. I grew up eating sweet cereals like Fruit Loops and Count Chocula. Fruit Roll Ups, licorice, jube-jubes and ice-cream were always common treats after dinner. It would not be fair to lay full blame on my parents for the sugar habit. I know that they did the best to instill good healthy habits in other ways, and perhaps they were not aware at the time that refined white sugar wasn’t the best for my health.


If you have a similar experience with sugary sweets- check out our Great Sugar Detox to help curb your sweet tooth addiction!


Although I don’t eat the sweet cereals or wads of candy that I used to, I still like a little treat during the day usually. The good news is that there are options when it comes to munching on something in the sweet department. There are lots of great alternatives to white sugary, processed products like candy and cookies.


I have included a recipe for Crispy Crunchers from my good friend Kristen Bustamante. Kristen was behind the business The Healthy Baker. She concocts superb treats using alternatives to white sugar, wheat flour and other gluten products. I now have a library of recipes for baked and raw treats from various sources that I can reach for when my sweet tooth comes knocking. Crispy Crunchers are incredibly easy to make. Seriously, this recipe took me 10 minutes and they are so yummy!

Crispy Crunchers

By: Kristen Bustamonte


½  cup almond butter ¼ c sesame seeds ½ c sunflower seeds ¼ c ground flax seeds ⅓ c honey or maple syrup ¼ c cocoa (raw or conventional), I also added a handful of raw cocao nibs for fun ¼ c puffed cereal like kamut or rice (optional, I added this as extra and it worked out great) shredded coconut for rolling


  1. Mix all the ingredients together (except the coconut) in a bowl.
  2. With your hands or a spoon, scoop a small ball of batter and roll it in your hands to form a ball.
  3. Roll the ball in the coconut to cover.
  4. Enjoy or put in the fridge to store. You can also store in the freezer.