Want Us to Cook for You?!!

The In-Home Cooking Program


The In-Home Cooking Program is a revolutionary program that will transform your meals, your health and your life.  You literally do not need to lift a finger -  We come to your kitchen, cook delicious and nutritious meals for the week, leave it in your dishes in the fridge, and clean up -- you are left with delectable meals that will support your health and your taste buds for the entire week.


We are passionate about making good food and having people feel absolutely incredible from our cooking.   Book a trial week and see how incredible this service can be for you.


If you’re too tired to cook, don’t know how or just don’t have the time, not to worry because we will do it for you.


The Details:

We come to your kitchen for 3-4 hours and cook 4 days worth of meals for you and your family

 The meals include:

4 dinners

4 lunches (usually dinner leftovers with an added grain and/or vegetable salad)

1 snack

2 desserts

Our philosophy:

Our philosophy on food is that it needs to taste amazing and be filled with whole, fresh, nourishing ingredients.   Everything is made from scratch with high quality ingredients.  This means we use whole grains, free range meats, lots of vegetables and fruits, and nourishing sweeteners (such as maple syrup and honey).


We also specialize in specialty diets, such as gluten free, dairy free, kosher and vegetarian diets.

Each menu is personalized, taking into account your dietary needs and the foods that you enjoy!

Contact us for rates, sample menus and to book your dinner!



Imagine, this is what you could be having for dinner...


Dinner 1:

Orange Maple Chicken

Miso Quinoa Risotto

Dill Infused Beets and Carrots


Dinner 2:

Coconut Chana Masala

Saffron infused Rice Pilaf

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Candied Pecans


Dinner 3:

Dill Pesto Marinated Lake Trout

Creamy Cauliflower Potatoes

Lemon Kissed Swiss Chard



Raw Choco Date Truffles

Zucchini Pecan Chocolate Mini Muffins