Happy 2012! January: The Nutrition and Intuition Month

Happy New Year!

We are so excited to have stepped into 2012- a year of expansion for love, connection, and abundance of the beautiful dreams we have all been creating.  The beginning of the new year is one of our favorite  moments of the entire year- a time of massive reflection and gratitude for all that has been and where we are now.  And a time for  creation and clarity on what we want to create in the coming months.


2012: Being guided by higher self

There are many things that we want to do in 2012.  One of them is: increasing our connection to our internal voice.  Our higher self always knows what is best for us and always is there to guide us and support us.  It is only when our questioning and judgmental thoughts cut in and start to doubt the messages of higher self, that we then experience an internal conflict and fears arise.  Our minds are highly intelligent- they have been there to protect us and allow us to survive.


The Past

But sometimes thought patterns and behaviors of response that we have developed over time are for survival.  We get hurt, and we react a certain way.  The next time we get hurt, we react the same way.  And that reaction just repeats itself over and over again, until it is so strong that it is our reality.  This is coming from a place of wanting to protect ourselves and survive pain.


The Future

Our higher selves want us to jump into life, into new desires and dreams, and follow those things that have been calling us.  Following our hearts means that we might need to step beyond some of those old patterns of reacting and ways of dealing with situations.  If we want something new or different, then we have to take new and different actions to get there.  Because if we keep doing the same thing, we are bound to get the same exact results over and over again.


In 2012, we invite you to look at your reactions and patterns around food and eating.

Where to start?

What are your eating rituals? What  are the habits you have developed around food? How do you use food in relation to emotions and feelings?

And then,

Where are these patterns coming from?  What triggers you to eat certain foods or continue behavior patterns around food? Why are you doing these same patterns repeatedly? And what is that like for you?  What is the benefit?  What is not the benefit?

And then,

What is your inner voice telling you? What do you know you need to do to feel amazing, healthy and vibrant?


Join the Nutrition and Intuition Blog Month

Throughout January we will be sharing stories and experiences  about how intuition has impacted our health and relationship with food.  Each week we will be featuring guest posts from other fabulous bloggers, including lots of recipes!

Here are some of the writers you can look forward to hearing from:

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Kate- www.comebefree.com

Want to contribute a Blog Post?

It's not too late!  You can still share your experience with readers.  Check out details and instructions for participating here: Nutrition and Intuition Blog Event 


And a Recipe for January 2, 2012:

Arugala Pear Hazelnut Salad


3 cups arugala 1 pear 1/4 cup hazelnuts, toasted 2 tsp olive oil or flax oil sea salt



1. Slice the pear into small pieces. 2. Toss the arugula together with olive oil/flax oil and sea salt. 3. Serve with hazelnuts and pears on top.