Nutrition and Intuition: Turn Up the Volume and Yum Chocolate Clusters


We are proud to bring you the first guest post for The Nutrition Intuition Blog Event January 2012!!  Today we have some beautiful words of wisdom from Karolina Eleonóra, over at Love Raw.


I'm a raw food dessert chef located in Sweden. I love working with different super foods in my desserts, and I always make the recipes intuitively as I go along. Making recipes is an instinctive and alchemic art form. I'm working with some of the finest super foods with strong plant spirits that seem to have a life of their own. I see my jars with cacao powder, maca powder, camu powder and reishi as alive and with a lot of personality. My love and passion for nutritional sweets with high frequency ingredients is never ending. This is the kind of sweets and desserts that my body always says Yes to.


The Auto-Magic World of Your Body


I've always felt that the body holds a wisdom. And if you try to change the natural rhythm of the body, that's when things starts to go wrong. Often, this means that you have read something and from an intellectual point of view want to cut off something that is "wrong" or "bad" from your bodily behaviour or the cravings that your body has. But is that really wise?


The body is a fascinating and divine vehicle, created from the womb of Mother nature, Gaia. You can call it evolution, but the scientific perspective isn't showing all the facets of the gem that your body truly is.


I'm sure that less and less people see our planet as a dead ball of stones and lava, thank heavens, because nothing could be further from the truth. The planet is as a live as any flower, animal, human or entity. She has her own process, her own emotions and agenda. And .. we happen to live off her, from the food she produces, but it goes deeper than that. Our bodies are intelligently connected to Gaia in a symbiosis that is life-sustaining. It seems though as we have forgotten what is natural. Wild animals instinctively know what to eat to heal themselves - quite the opposite to us humans. The secret to the wild animals instinctive knowing is that they are connected to Gaia, and the majority of us, are simply not. The good news is that the bond between us and Gaia is unbreakable. For most of us, it only needs to be activated again, so that we can hear the voice of the body. All you have to do, is to turn up the volume of this voice!


Turning Up The Volume


What made us disconnected in the first place, was the cultural habit of focusing ones energy in the head, particulary in the left brain. In this degenerative journey we also cut off our spirituality in the name of science, and things started to become more and more abstract, more and more one dimensional. Our "modern" western society, just doesn't seem to have time or space for such a thing as spirituality. This crazy equation, a house of cards, can only lead to a path of confusion, bad choices and a further worship of our already sick minds. You see, the more time you spend in the mental world of your head, the less time is left to be spent in your body. The more time you spend in your body, the clearer the voice of the body will be. This voice is your instincts that guide you to pick the right foods, guide you in when it's time to rest, to be active, to expand and withdraw. This voice is your insurance to health and a life happily ever after. Though, the insurance isn't fueled by your money but from your faith, your surrender to the Divine and trust in the Mother, in other words You (I am her?).


To help awaken your body and unlock the cage of the mental prison, here are a few things you can do:


• Stay close to the natural elements: wind, water, fire, and earth. Being outdoors, taking a bath or a swimming in a lake, sitting next to a fire, gardening, put your hands in warm soil or sand.

• Find your deep sexual instincts. Let it be what it wants to be, no judgements. As long as you step out of your comfort box.

• Listen to silence every day.

• Spend several hours in the nature - be quiet!

• Getting massages.

• Meditate daily.

• Spend time with animals.

• Learn how to turn off your thoughts; read “The power of now” by Echart Tolle.

• Exercise in being wild! That means.. Stop being so well behaved. Stop being a people pleaser, stop behaving the way others expect from you, step out of your social charades, stop being politically correct. Find your claws and teeth, say fuck you when you need to. This is what wild animals do. They don't suck up to anyone, they are transparent, honest and true (well, except from some human behaving monkeys...)


Personally, I need to have my physical environment in strict order, to not get distracted to go up in my head too much. When my home is tidy, there is space to rest in the body, and there, I find all the answers. For example.. One particular day I just know that I need Acaí berry powder in my morning smoothie, or that I need extra fats, or a certain fruit / berry, vegetable or animal protein. Some periods, I just want fruits, others I want to live from veggie juices, and others I need meat and more heavy foods. It's hard to explain how I know, I just sense an instinctive drawing to a certain food. We all have different bodies, so the need for different food varies.


I've found that the food choices my body is communicating to me, is a parallell movement to a deeper rhythm of some kind.. There is something grander than my intellectual ambitions, that guides me, and I think it is the agenda of my soul, whose ways and movements shifts from day to day. It is like clockwork. If you look inside an old clock, you'll find lots of gears, working together but also individually. The body is one gear, the soul another, your intellectual ideas and emotional processes yet another. If one gear changes, every one else changes too. This symbiotic work is aligned with your instincts and intuition.


That is why you'll benefit from starting to listen to what nutrition your body needs as it is perfectly adjusted to the other gears. If you for example have a period of a lot of hard work, you might need heavier foods, and that is then going to be the signals or "cravings" from your body. If you're up for a pizza, than by all means eat it! Unless you have a physical diagnosis of obesity, dare to listen to your cravings. Because if you start to censor the voice of your body, it will be weaker and weaker and weaker.


For me, food is not only nutrients. It is also energies. If you need the energy from a pizza (not such a high frequent one) then perhaps you need to lower your energy that day or period, because it is necessary for an inner process you are facing. If you need to let go of old emotional toxins, than low vibrational food can make it easier for you to "dig deep" in the old parts of you and bring them up to the surface. Food can be the best tool, so don’t be so quick to decide what is good or bad food. And don’t be afraid of the more heavy frequency foods. They’re not “bad”, they’re just heavier. If you are aligned with your body, it will ask for other foods too, to bring a balance, so don’t worry.


Mainly this is an exercise of surrendering in faith. Your body is deeply connected with Gaia, with our planet. There's a natural rhythm in between you and her that will always heal and bring the body in balance - if you let it. As soon as you start to force your body into a diet, or spending too much time in your head, you are "hanging up the phone" of information, connection and balance.


Over to my work with super foods. I'm passionated about inspiring people to micro nurture their bodies (that's why I make desserts, as most people love sweets). The ingredients I use are simple to work with, most of them taste great and the effect of the super food in your body is expanding your view on what it feels like being blissful, connected and self loving. Right now I'm working with raw candy for a recipe ebook and raw candy are just perfect for adding new nutrients that you and your body will love! They are simple to make, fun to eat and works perfect in fueling yourself with super foods every now and then during the day (as they are easy to carry around, you can snack on them where ever you are).


This is how it works: Instead of wheat flour, I use nut flours that I easily grind in a blender. Instead of eggs I use soaked dried fruits like dates, dried apricots or raisins. Instead of margarine I use virgin coconut oil. Instead of gelatin I use irish moss (a sea weed). Instead of cream I use meat from thai coconut, nutmilks of cashews or macadamias and if I want a toffee flavour I use Lucuma and Mesquite powder. I don't use cane sugar, instead I use Agave nectar, Xylitol from birch or Yacon sirup. It's all very simple really.. The great thing with raw desserts, are that all of the ingredints that are being used, are healthy, though the end result tastes nothing but sinfully scrumptious! Great huh?! I want to inspire you too, so I'd love to share one of my recipes with you!


Chocolate clusters with Blueberries and Walnuts

makes about 8 (From the Raw Candylicious ebook)


• 100 g, or about 0.5 cup Cacao butter • ¾ cup Walnuts • ¾ cup Frozen Blueberries (or fresh) • 4 tablespoons raw Cacao powder • 2 tablespoons Agave • ¼ teaspoon real Vanilla • a small pinch of Himalayan salt and a dash of cardamom


• Additional super foods you can use: 1 teaspoon of Purple corn, Acaí berry powder, Maca, Mesquite or Lucuma. 1 tablespoon of Chia seeds, 0.5 teaspoon of Reishi mushroom powder (will give a bitter hint) or Camu camu.


You can combine the Maca with Mesquite and Lucuma, that's a killer combo, use 0.5 teaspoons each. If you want more antioxidants combine Purple corn with Acaí. But when it comes to the raw dessert kitchen, experimenting is the only way! Find your favorite flavors and play with them.



1. Melt the Cacao butter in a water bath.


2. Then add the rest of the ingredients except the frozen blueberries. If you use fresh blueberries, you can add them now as well. Otherwise, fist mix the ingredients together, line up the cupcake forms you will use (silicone or paper), and then add the frozen blueberries.


3. As you’ll see, the chocolate will quickly harden from the cold blueberries, so you better scoop it in the cupcake forms quick. Let the clusters be about 1 inch high. Put them in the fridge to chill.


Much love from Karolina Eleonóra May the voice of your body always guide you, follow it in faith. Love Raw