Notes On Intuition and Delicious Beets!

Today, we are happy to share our guest post from Bianca over at Vitality Guide for Women.  This post is part of the Nutrition and Intuition Blog Event

Intuition. By definition it’s a noun meaning direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process. But intuition to me is that feeling inside that makes my hairs stand up on end. When I was younger I would get this feeling, but not knowing what it was or how to harness it meant that I largely ignored it; which resulted in some difficult life lessons.

  When I decided to go to culinary school, intuition once again let its presence be known; although I had yet to develop the wherewithal to understand what it truly meant. For years I had struggled with my weight and I knew that if I could learn how to prepare it, I could take its power over me back; and it did. I loved culinary school; learning about the chemistry of food was exhilarating!

  After graduation I bounced around from restaurant job to restaurant job, and one again the gnawing feeling tickled me deep inside- the feeling that restaurant cooking wasn’t right for me; but after spending 2 years learning how to cook I figured I had to keep on plugging. When I started a small catering company with my best friend, I once again had that feeling deep down that maybe this wasn’t the best idea; but I needed a way out of the restaurant industry, it was killing my love for cooking- which was the reason I went to school in the first place. So once again I ignored my intuition and went for it.

  Things didn’t work out so well; I found my interest in whole foods burgeoning, but catering is all about what the customer wants, and our client base was not interested in learning about super foods. I began testing healthy recipes for myself on my off days, and slowly felt resurgence in my love for cooking. This time, however, I listened to that little voice inside my head and the feeling deep within my gut.

  I made the decision to leave the catering life behind; which was a scary prospect, but contrary to all the other times, my intuition was telling me that this was the right move- and this time I listened. The desire to empower people with the knowledge I had acquired about the healing power of food had overcome me.

  Today I am so happy that I finally let my intuition lead the way; had I not listened to my intuition I wouldn’t have the career of my dreams; I wake up every day excited about what the day might bring. And when I see one of my clients lose weight or become more confident and knowledgeable about food and cooking, I get the same feeling deep down that says “this IS right”.

  Beets are hands down one of my favorite things to eat; and every one of my clients has come to love them as much as me. Because when they are simply prepared with the addition of almonds and cilantro they are elevated to the next level.


Beets with Almonds and Cilantro

4 large beets, trimmed and peeled 1/4 cup toasted almonds 1 sprig of cilantro 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar 1/4 tsp sea salt 1/2 tsp pepper 1 tsp olive oil




1. Dice the beets in large pieces; and bring 4 cups of water to boil with the beets (you can add some sea salt to the water). Cook until a fork can be easily pierced into a beet. Drain and cool.


**Living Kitchen Nutritionist tip- You can save the red beet water and drink it- it is rich in nutrients- very grounding and nourishing, especially for women during menstruation**


2. Heat the olive oil in a non stick saute pan on medium heat. Add the beets and toss for 4 minutes or until the beets start to caramelize. Season with sea salt and pepper. Toss 1 more minute.


3. Deglaze by adding the balsamic oil. Cook for 1 more minute.


4. Remove from heat; add the almonds and garnish with cilantro.


Author Bio Bianca Osbourne is a freelance writer, with a focus on female health and wellness; she writes passionately about the different types of birth control; and the best foods to eat for your skin and overall wellness.