The part of you that you can trust no matter what

Today, we are so excited to bring you a guest post from Kate Northrup, who you can check out over at  This post is part of The Nutrition and Intuition Blog Event.


My body is my strongest barometer for truth. When something is off she tells me. I’m blessed to have grown up with a mother who taught me to listen to my body and that it, above all else, would point me in the right direction without fail.

  I’ll never forget my dad pressuring me to go and visit our local private school, North Yarmouth Academy. My dad was on the board of directors and my sister went there and he wanted me to go to the prep school too. But all of my friends were at the public school and I was totally happy there, thank you very much. The morning of my scheduled visit I begrudgingly readied myself. I didn’t even make it through the first class period before I had a raging headache and a temperature. My cheeky body wisdom saved the day. When I wasn’t able to stand up for myself verbally, my body swept in and stood up for what was ultimately the best decision for me.


My body never lies. When I’m going too fast and doing too much she gives me a gentle nudge to slow down that manifests as a cold. When I’m headed in the wrong direction, she makes me nauseous. When I’m thinking too hard, she manifests a headache so I remember to let my mind relax and reorient to my heart.


There is this funny myth that pervades the Western world that we catch disease by some inexplicable, random Russian roulette-type chance. What a lovely excuse to not take responsibility for our life stye choices and for our emotional lives. Cancer doesn’t just hide in the closet and come out and “get” the first person walking by. Viruses aren’t lurking around every corner deciding to enter your blood stream at random. Our consciousness, state of emotional health, and every day choices lay the groundwork for whether or not we will become diseased. It’s not random. Our bodies never lie. We become diseased because something is “off” in our relationships, our self-care (or lack thereof), our work lives, our spiritual well-being, or our health habits.

  So the next time you feel a tickle in your throat and want to lay in bed all day, see what might happen if you open your ears instead of your medicine cabinet. Obviously your body won’t speak to you in language you can hear, but she’s communicating with you nonetheless. With gratitude and an open heart and mind, ask her what she’d like you to know. Is there a relationship in you life that’s not serving you that you’ve been ignoring the consequences of? Is there a way you’re treating your body that, if not addressed now, may turn into a bigger health issue down the road?

  We spend so much time hating our bodies, wishing they were smaller, more toned, less achy, or more energized. But that lovely bottom you’re sitting on right now is the only one you’re ever going to have (at least in this lifetime.) Your body is your friend, your biggest ally, and the only one you can trust no matter what. She holds treasures of wisdom that, if you listen, will guide you not only to vibrant health, but also to create a life so gorgeous you may need to pinch yourself from time to time just to make sure you’re not dreaming.


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• What are you grateful for when it comes to your body? • Have you ever had a time where your body was telling you something? How did she tell you? What was the message?


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