Are you Coconutty for Coconuts?

By Kathleen Flemming


Coconuts conjure up images of beautiful islands and make us think of holidays. But coconut isn't just available in paradise. Coconut in its various guises is becoming more readily available - coconut meat, coconut water, coconut oil.


I love the taste and smell of coconut and the best thing is that it has so many health benefits!!

Coconut Meat

  • - Studies have shown that we should eat between 20 and 35g of fibre each day.
  • - Coconut meat has one of the highest percentages of fibre content among all plant foods.
  • - Fibre is vital for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Although it is quite high in saturated fat, coconut meat contains a certain type of fat (medium chain triglycerides) which some studies have shown reduces appetite and can aid weight loss.
  • - As with most food, it is important to consume in moderation - a few small pieces is sufficient for a snack. I love adding a few pieces to my morning muesli to give it a tropical twist!

Coconut Water

  • - Delicious and refreshing coconut water is the perfect post-workout drink. It is completely natural and packed with minerals - and electrolytes.
  • - In fact the potassium level in a serving of coconut water is nearly twice that of a banana. It also contains a good level of natural sugars making a perfect sports drink.
  • - As a natural electrolyte and isotonic beverage it can assist in increasing the body's metabolism.

Coconut Oil

  • - Coconut oil has historically had a bad reputation because of its high level of saturated fats. However, if consumed in moderation these fats can have a positive effect on the body.
  • - These fats have been shown to normalise blood lipids and protect against liver damage.
  • - Furthermore, it is the best food source of lauric acid which has anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities. You can use coconut oil to cook a variety of dishes, giving them a tropical flavour and twist! It is also vegan friendly and great to use for vegan baking!



Love Your Bod

As well as having health benefits coconut oil is great for your skin, hair and nails. It is found in lots of beauty products and it has been used by many different cultures as part of their beauty regime!


So now you can eat/drink or cook with coconut products, feel like you are on a tropical island and reap the health benefits!



Do you have questions?  Leave them below- we'd love to know what you are wondering about!

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I am a lawyer and a qualified fitness trainer with a real interest in nutrition, particularly female nutrition. I LOVE exercise. I LOVE all sports. I LOVE fruit and vegetables. I LOVE walnuts. I LOVE yoga. I LOVE carrot cake. I LOVE people and this is why I want to spread the healthy living message - to help people. My days are spent at a desk and I understand how difficult it is to balance long, hard working days with keeping fit and healthy. I want to encourage people however young or old, fat or thin, to take care of themselves, eat healthily and exercise. I have suffered from a variety of of health issues including stress, irritable bowel syndrome and acne. I honestly believe that diet and exercise, although not a guaranteed cure for health problems, can significantly improve things. AND our health is something we cannot put any value on.