Moving Energy


Moving energy on any matter is an important thing to do. When it comes to self-love, sometimes all we need to do is stop and take a bath, or pour ourselves a nice, cold glass of water on a hot, summer’s day.


Sometimes, when we’re working really hard, oozing our passions into things we love, it’s important to take a step back.


Moving energy comes in all kinds of different forms. Sometimes it stems from taking action—bona fide action that says, ‘yes, I’m worth this.’ ‘Yes, this is the step for me.’


Moving Energy in Stillness

Sometimes though, it comes from being still.


In stillness, we find movement. We can be still, caring for ourselves by listening to our own inner quiet—by allowing ourselves the peace of being still—even if just for a moment or a breath, and we can watch the motion of the world around us. We can sense the energy, moving onto what’s next, listening to our intuition and trusting it is safe to follow the path where our hearts will lead.


I know this is true for me. Ebbing and flowing through life, following its natural rhythms sometimes feels like a staccato—short, short burst—kind of rhythm, but for me, it’s imperative. Trusting the crisp, cool bursts of creativity can be followed by a still moment—the peace and time to take it all in.


This is especially useful if you’re feeling stuck on a matter. Sometimes you need to move—take action—and sometimes you need to let yourself sit and breathe. Take a walk, take a bath, call a friend, do something fun—whatever works best for you.


Sometimes indirect action is the most direct action you can take because your subconscious mind needs time to filter through everything you need to know your next best step.


As I write this, a bird lands on my windowsill outside the window where I work. It rests for a minute or two, surveying the area around it. Then, in one fleeting motion and, as birds do, it flies away.

What Needs Movement in Your Life?


Have a think about anything that might need movement in your life. Is it time to be still, or is it time to take action? Either answer can be right, as long as it’s right for you. We are our own best measurements. Our minds tell us, our hearts tell us and, most importantly, our intuition tells us. When we give ourselves the love we need—whether through stillness or movement, indirect action or direct—we move all the energy we need.


I encourage you today to take one item in your life. It could be as simple as planning next week’s meals or it could be bigger like planning your next career move.


Breathe and trust. Trust that whatever action you take—even if it’s in inaction—will be the perfect one for you.


Till next post—and glad to have joined the Living Kitchen Wellness Group’s Blog Team!

Jenny McKaig is a fire-starter. She works as a creative consultant, coach and writer who rocks the well-being world, as well as corporate engagement and recognition. She believes in lapping every last drop from life—living fully, loving unconditionally and leading with the heart—and trusting that the rest always follows.

Jenny’s  nearly a decade in wellness (Can-Fit-Pro PTS, MBS, NWS, Les Mills, Groove & YogaFit) coupled with fourteen years in writing and creative process (BAH, Creative & Professional Writing) have helped her craft a unique approach to writing and life. She’s available for coaching/consulting/writing requests at