No Mo' F.O.M.O, please!



Today we were walking down the street and having a conversation we often have.   What to do with our future!   Here, at the Living Kitchen, there are tons of great opportunities presenting for our business and for our personal lives and we have been wracking our brains trying to figure out what move to make, what step to take and what to do (I just realized that that sounded like a Sting song...).


This choices we’ve been having to make lately are amazing choices, yet we have been feeling stuck in the fear.   What’s going to happen if we choose it or worse what will happen if we don’t!


Someone on our team woke up this morning in one of those wake ups that can only be described as panic.   This was her thought process upon waking up, “what the hell am I doing, if I don’t make a decision a certain way the universe is going to see me as small and not give me the opportunities to live a miraculous, big, amazing life and then I’ll be stuck.”     This thought process can be summed up in one acronym.  F.O.M.O - fear of missing out.

  Here’s the thing.  No matter what, let me repeat, no matter what - THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK!  That’s right, we are constantly being guided and supported.  It is not our place to judge the process, as difficult as it is to take our minds out of the equation.    No matter what choices we make in life if we do what’s presenting or we choose to decline it, the universe, our guides, our angels will always be there to redirect, re-route and unconditionally support us.


F.O.M.O just comes from a place of fear.   And fear is just false events appearing real.   If you re-ground yourself to remember to be present, really knowing in your heart of heart and core of core that you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be in this very moment in time, then you diminish the power that F.O.M.O has on you.



Think of the universe like a GPS system in a car.   When you make a wrong turn the GPS will respond by saying (in a very robot-computery-techi voice), “re-routing, re-routing” and then will give you the next direction to take.   The universe is exactly like that.   If we need a cosmic kick to the head it will give us that and just re-route us to the place we need to be going.



Have deep faith that everything is PERFECT.   You are exactly where you need to be right now and you will be completely guided with where you are going in the future.

The universe has your back, my friend.