I'm Going Raw for 30 Days...And I'm Kind of Freaking Out!

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So, I guess it’s official now because i’m telling all of you!   As a holistic nutritionist, eating raw has come up a lot - yet, it’s always been something I shied away from.  There are definitely raw foods that are a part of my diet but I always felt that I liked cooked food more.   The truth is, I never really gave myself a chance to experience eating a heavy dose raw diet and it’s actually been something i’m quite terrified of!


When I think of raw food I think of it as lot of work - tons of prep, dehydrating, sprouting - all AMAZING ways to prepare food that take forethought and effort.   So, I’ve decided July is experimenting month.   If there ever is a month to go raw, why not choose one that’s smack dab in the middle of summer!


I’ll be writing about my journey periodically in the blog.   Mostly what I’m excited to see is how it makes me feel.   Even though I eat well, this past year i’ve been feeling really tired, sluggish and low energy.  To be honest, I don’t think it has a lot to do with my eating - rather, it has to do with what is going on emotionally and psychologically in my life.


Some of you know that for the past 8 months Sarah, my partner in Living Kitchen crime, has been going through an immigration process and this has taken a toll on our business, our bodies and on our emotions.   This process has definitely been a self-reflection one, in terms of thinking about what do we want to do, how can we be of the most service to others  and where do we want our business to operate from.   That’s why I am so excited about our online classes - it allows us to be of service to so many people in helping to transform their lives (and it goes way beyond food and diet) and it also allows us to be located any where in the world.


Ok - back to eating raw.  So I’m excited to see if it helps alleviate my feelings of exhaustion that I’ve been experiencing for the past 7 months, obviously, I will be pairing it with emotional and spiritual work because, you most certainly cannot do one without the other!


Let me know if you want to join this journey with me or better yet, what you are committing to for July... eating a certain way, doing a certain exercise, seeing more of family and friends, etc.


Ok, I want to make a raw pun now but I can’t think of one.... so, love to all instead....oh and you rawk! (I know, kind of lame, but it works..)

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In love, health and sprouted chickpeas, Tamara