What to Do With "What the F%$^" Messages!

Many of you might be thinking to yourself right now, "what the hell is a 'what the f%^&' message?"


Often times we recieve messages from the Universe, God, Source, Divine (whatever name you use is all good).   And these messages come in the form of people, thoughts, posters, license plates, numbers, repititions, words, comments, blog posts and the list goes on and on and on.


What makes it a "what the f%$^" message is that you are so taken aback by the information that is being presented to you.    It's information you want to resist, thwart, run away from and say, "really?? really??!!".  Yet, it keeps persisting - the "what the f%^" messages keep coming.


So, I am sure by now you know I am about to go into a real life experience of a "what the f%$^" message that keeps persisting for me.


Message #1: Post-Graduation

When I first graduated from nutrition school a few years ago, Sarah and I did one of our first talks and this woman approached me after saying she had breast cancer and wanted some advice.   That was the first, "what the f%^$" message I got when suddenly I felt a message that I should work with people with cancer.    I immediately pushed away that message thinking that was far beyond my knowledge, too scary, too intense, too sad.   So, I kept going on my merry nutrition way and it happened again.


Message #2: Marketing Coach

We were speaking with a marketing coach and when he asked who were the people we wantedto work with I said, "I know this is weird and I don't know why but the word "cancer" keeps coming to my mind."   I had this weird thought again, "is that really something I want to do?"  As in I couldn't believe I was even having that thought.

Then I was talking to this wonderful woman who is very big in Toronto's gardening community who told me she had breast cancer and healed herself using alternative methods - the "what thef%#" message came back.   Again, I pushed it away using the same excuses and reasons as before... too scary, too sad, don't know enough, not a doctor, only a nutritionist, etc.

Message #3: Client

Time went on and I would get little messages now and then but nothing big.    Then we took on a client with a brain tumor, her brain tumor was not cancerous, however, something inside me hit big and I went on a frenzy researching diet and cancer, alternative cancer therapies, holistic cancer treatments, calling up friends who had taken oncogenes courses in University.    After a while the fear based thinking came back and I let the message go again.

Message: 4, 5, 6, etc!

However, it just came back with a vengence.    In the last few weeks I got a call from a woman who has breast cancer and is looking to work with a nutritionist to help her healing process, someone I know was diagnosed with breast cancer, I went to support my dad in the Rideto Conquer Cancer and saw a ridiculous amount of people riding who had cancer or were recovering from cancer, and I was asked to lead a research project on cervical cancer in Kenya    Again, lots of different messages coming left, right and center.   So, I finally opened up to it, instead of pushing it away,  it feels fascinatingly right.



(my family after my dad finished the Ride to Conquer Cancer)



It feels so good to jump into something and listen to the messages, regardless of the fears and doubts that come up.    So, if you have cancer, know someone who has cancer, or are in serious cancer prevention mode please send me an email (tamara@livingkitchenwellness.com) as I will be taking on new clients right now who are ready to rigorously begin their natural healing process.


And for the "what the f%^&" messages you might be getting right now, just pay attention to them, regardless of your judgements, thoughts or fears.   If it's really something you are meant to be doing, it will hit you over the head until you get the message, don't worry!


Leave comments below about your personal what the f%&^ messages!