Listening: How to Open the Universe's Gifts


There’s a man playing guitar in the backyard behind ours. It’s dusk and the sun is about to settle. I’m inside listening to a teleseminar, catching up on calls I’ve missed for a course I’m taking.


I hear him first through the glass of the back window. It’s faint, yet distinct. That’s guitar, and he’s not singing in English. What is that? Is the old man behind us listening to his radio?


Next I hear clapping. A really old radio station? Live recordings?


No, it can’t be.


I turn my attention back to my course, back to the call, but the sounds continue.


Sometimes the universe gives us signals. Sometimes the universe gives us a little shake and says, ‘wake the hell up! the world is waiting!’


Sometimes—no, all the time—it’s up to us to listen.


Sure, I could keep my head buried in my work and absolutely I’ll return to it. If not tonight, tomorrow or the next day. But the world knocked and it was up to me to answer.


I’m listening now—the sun is setting and I’ve ventured onto the back deck where the most delicious music emanates from the backyard behind me. It must be a family gathering—they’re all speaking in Italian or Spanish, I’m not sure, some foreign language that lavishes my body and mind, a soothing sound after a long, busy week.


I’m in my cozy clothes, and cradled in what feels like luxurious sound. It’s delicious and beautiful and it’s a gift I got to open because I was open to it.


It’s a gift—like the gifts available to us every day, when we listen.

I invite you to listen. Open not just your ears, but all your senses. Allow yourself to see and experience the beauty of the world around you and, when the world offers you a gift, smile to yourself and unwrap it, knowing it came there just for you.


Till next post, and wishing you all the gifts in the world,



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Jenny McKaig is a fire-starter. She works as a creative consultant, coach and writer who rocks the well-being world, as well as corporate engagement and recognition. She believes in lapping every last drop from life—living fully, loving unconditionally and leading with the heart—and trusting that the rest always follows.


Jenny’s  nearly a decade in wellness (Can-Fit-Pro PTS, MBS, NWS, Les Mills, Groove & YogaFit) coupled with fourteen years in writing and creative process (BAH, Creative & Professional Writing) have helped her craft a unique approach to writing and life. She’s available for coaching/consulting/writing requests at