You Are Enough (plus homemade Flower Tea Recipe)



You are enough.  We all are. We don’t have to go anywhere or do anything to be deserving of love and to be deserving of a delicious life. We’re enough exactly as we are—and I mean it—exactly as we are.


So often we run around trying to be people we’re not. We need to prove, accomplish, achieve. We run around with this “I’m not good enough” mentality, thinking doing this item will make us more worthy or doing that thing will make us more loveable.


I’m here to tell you something: You’re perfectly beautiful and perfect exactly as you are. Imperfections and all. Your imperfections are perfect because they’re perfectly you.


Sound elliptical? Sure.


Sound true? Absolutely.


We were all put on this earth for a purpose. Something brought us here and, universe help us when it happens, something’s going to bring us out. So why run through life thinking we’re not enough? Why not embrace exactly who we are—each of us, in this moment? Why not embrace ourselves and say, YES, I am enough.


I am beautiful and perfect exactly as I am. I don’t need to ‘be’ someone. I don’t need to ‘accomplish’ something. Can we have goals and dreams along the way? For sure. That’s part of life’s pleasure and that which moves through us.


Do we need those dreams to be worthy, deserving or included in a yummy, adventurous life? Not a chance. We are plenty. We are perfect. We are enough.


Writing these blogs gives me the juicy reminder that I’m enough, too. Isn’t it always the way? We sputter the stuff someone else needs to hear, or we need to hear it ourselves, trusting our hearts to say what’s right and what might open the possibility of kicking back, knocking back a margarita and saying, “hey, life is good!” Or better yet, “life is amazing!”


So I invite you. Say what you need to say. Do what you need to do. Through it all, know fully and completely that you are enough. Find it deep within yourself to own that knowledge and live it. You’re spectacular and delicious exactly as you are.

Homemade Flower Tea (Roses and Chrysanthemum)


Ingredients: 1 Tbsp dried rose petals or mini dried roses 2 Tbsp dried chrysanthemum flowers 6 cups water



1. Boil the water. 2. Pour over the flowers and steep for 10 minutes. 3. Best served in a glass teapot or pitcher, so that you can see the beauty!!


Till next post, and hoping there’s a juicy recipe to match this thought!  What are you going to make today?  Share and post here, so we all can read about what recipes and dishes inspire you and make you feel spectacular and delicious.

Jenny McKaig is a fire-starter. She works as a creative consultant, coach and writer who rocks the well-being world, as well as corporate engagement and recognition. She believes in lapping every last drop from life—living fully, loving unconditionally and leading with the heart—and trusting that the rest always follows.


Jenny’s  nearly a decade in wellness (Can-Fit-Pro PTS, MBS, NWS, Les Mills, Groove & YogaFit) coupled with fourteen years in writing and creative process (BAH, Creative & Professional Writing) have helped her craft a unique approach to writing and life. She’s available for coaching/consulting/writing requests at