How to Overcome the Tough Days + Cucumber Apple Juice


We are pretty positive people over here- we love to focus on the exciting, uplifting and inspiring things in life.  But, sometimes, we don't.  Sometimes we don't want to get up out of bed and we would rather spend the day hiding under covers in a dark room, watching movies, and ignoring what is going on out there in the world.


Sometimes, we choose those days.  And it's ok.


After a couple of weeks of experiencing the most awe-inspiring, emotionally high, and life altering moments (mostly due to traveling in foreign places, or falling in love, or starting a new dream job, or delving into a new hobby), it can be a little bewildering to have a day that is "tough."  What exactly is a tough  day?  -- A day when everything is just kind of monotone, blah, no exciting highs or ups, and hopefully no upsetting lows.  You know, those days.


In contrast to the amazing days that we have experienced before, our comparison and judgement is that these days are just not good enough.  These "tough" days are boring.  When, really, they are just another day.  It is only our judgment of how it should be and what we should feel like and what we should be doing, that makes us feel as if these days are not what we really want.


What comes up, must come down.  So, those days that are incredibly high and uplifting, usually lead to days that might appear to be a little bit lower.  We are so willing to allow ourselves to experience the excitment and joyous days.  So, why not allow ourselves to also experience the sad and painful days?


How to Overcome the Tough Days


1. Allow yourself to be.  Give up the judging and the beating on yourself for being less than "perfect" and let yourself be sad, upset or angry.


2. Remind yourself that you are perfect.  Perfection is exactly who you are, with all the positive and negative components, with the joy and happiness and the pain and sadness.  You are composed of all these things.


3. If you start to notice that these tough days are dragging on for a long time and repeatedly happen over and over might be time to take a look at your reality and what you want in your life.  Begin to look at these tough days as a message, as a sign, as a way that your higher self is communicating with you.  What is the message that you are receiving?  Do you need a few days to let yourself feel sad and upset?  Or is there something that you need to shift in your life?  Is there something new that you want to be doing?  Or something old that you do not want in your life any longer?


4. Talk to a friend.  Sometimes all we need to move and shift the energy around us, is to add in a little bit of something different.  Friends are magical and gifted at doing this.


5. Make a yummy, uplifting drink for yourself.  Food has powerful ways of impacting and shifting our mood.  A light, energizing juice is one of the best foods for uplifting.

Cucumber Apple Juice


1 cup cucumber, chopped 1 cup apple, chopped 1 cup filtered water large handful ice cubes


Directions: Blend everything together in the blender until creamy and smooth!