Do You Do Intuitive Eating? WIN WELLNESS TEA!

Do you know what your body wants to eat?

You know the moments when you have those intense cravings for something and you just can't think about anything else?  Or what about those times when you are busy and on the run and you need to eat something, but you just don't know what to grab?  And how about those evenings when you come home after a long day, need to eat dinner, but have no idea what to cook?


It sucks.  It's stressful.  And sometimes you end up feeling worse and gross after eating certain foods.


Even as holistic nutritionists, we often find ourselves facing these questions.  We are the same as you.  The only difference, is that, we have the tools to help you understand what to do with these questions.


We want you to have freedom to powerfully choose what you eat not only because you want it, but because you know it will nourish your body and your life.  We want to put the power into your hands and show you that you can figure out what would be best for your body.  We want you to break free from rules, restriction and anxiety around food and instead find freedom and joy in loving your body, honoring your inner voice, and enjoying your experience with eating food.


The Intuitive Eating Handbook

So, we have compiled some of our favorite exercises and tools into a handbook for you, so that you can intuitively know what to eat, love your food, honor your body, and live your purpose.


In the Intuitive Eating Handbook you will:

1. Understand the connection between intuition, your body, and living the life you love.

2. Develop your intuition through exercises and practice.

3. Find freedom around enjoying food, eating for your body, and breaking through cravings.

4. What your cravings really mean.

5. Bring your new found skills to your whole life and live with purpose.


Take a Peak Inside to see what it looks like:


The Intuitive Eating Handbook is only $9.99!


The information, tools and exercises that you will find inside are valued at $150.

But, we wanted to give this information to you because it is so valuable, useful and essential for your health and life.

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 So what are you waiting for?

Start using the Intuitive Eating Handbook today, win a Wellness Tea, and start to fall deeply in love with your body, food, and life.

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