Valentine's Day Dinner Delivered to You

Valentine's Day is approaching and we have the most delicious offer for you...


BUT before we get to that… picture this…


The Young Couple:

  • You’re in a crowded restaurant on Valentine’s Day.   There are lots of other couples around, the wait staff are stressed out, the food is subpar, the atmosphere feels awkward and you wish you were just home alone with your sweetheart eating damn good food and gazing into each other’s eyes.


All the Single Ladies:

  • You are single and you are feeling b-a-d.   You begin wallowing in your singlehood and getting angry at Hallmark for creating such a bullsh*t holiday in the first place.    You know, eating a really delicious and healthy meal would make you feel so good about yourself but you are too lazy and wallow-y to make it.


Family Ties:

  • Where did the time go, you’re married with kids and alone time feels slightly unattainable.    You have some time to yourself and the kids are in bed but you can’t find a babysitter so you end up eating leftover pizza in sweatpants feeling bloated, super unsexy and entering a bit of a midlife crisis.      Leave the midlife crises for the men with sports cars, it’s time to eat real, good food and rediscover your love for your partner!


Ok, regardless if you fit into these categories or not....


The perfect solution for each scenario is to have your dinner made for you, brought right to your front door and for you to enjoy a DELICIOUS meal in the comfort for your home.

The Valentine's Day Special Dinner:

  • We deliver dinner to YOUR house to have the perfect, romantic and delicious evening.
  • No reservations at a busy restaurant needed, no babysitters and no wallowing necessary.
  • Gluten Free, Dairy Free/Vegan, Sugar Free
  • Orders must be placed by 12pm February 12
  • Delivery will be in the afternoon of February 14
Number of People



Number of People


For One: $70

For Two: $125

For Four: $250


Delivery and cost of ingredients is included in price.


Delivery zone is in downtown core:

Between Main and Jane

Lakeshore to Lawrence

Additional fee for delivery outside of zone.