How Can YOU Make This Year Different?

It's 2014

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As a new year begins, do so new resolutions.  New years is that amazing time where people feel really motivated and inspired to create positive changes in their life.

This is amazing!  Yet, there is an inherent flaw in making new year’s resolutions.  As gyms become crowded and diet books fly off the shelves, once February comes the inspiration is gone….only to be seen again in January of 2015.

How can YOU make this year different?

1.     It’s time to get REALLY clear on what your resolution is - what do you want to see happen in your life and more importantly WHY.

2.     It’s really easy to say we want something for ourselves, but when we get really clear as to why we want it the desire to see it happens becomes much stronger.

3.     To really bring about changes your WHY has to be STRONG!   For many it is to lose weight but you have to dig deeper than that.  WHY do you want to lose weight?

- Your WHY is about prevention.  You have seen friends and family getting sick or how aging can be really difficult for some people.  This is your time to take your health into your hands and prevent illness and aging just by changing your diet and exercise habits.

- Your WHY is about respect and self-love.  It’s time you start respecting your cells, your body, your tissues, your kidneys, your brain and one way to respect yourself is to get healthy and lose weight.  Your confidence and self-love will sky rocket from positive endorphins, good digestion and a healthy body image.

Your WHY is about healing.  Many of you may already have an illness, condition or a disease.  You know that getting healthy is one of the best ways to heal yourself.

4.     One of the MOST important steps to make this year different is to become ACCOUNTABLE.   Change doesn’t happen with one person alone, change happens in hubs, communities and in groups.  Regardless if your resolutions are very personal goals, you need an accountability, support team to see these changes happen.

5.     The MOST important step of a new year’s resolution is to START!  We are here to be your support team, your accountability buddy and to give you the tools you need to create SUSTAINABLE and LASTING changes in your health, diet and your life.   Whether you need us to cook for you or you need nutritional consulting. 

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Happy 2014, you are going to rock it!