Protect Your Skin Naturally- Do you know what's in your sunscreen?

written by Jamie Shaw


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Why is sunscreen dangerous? 

With the weather starting to brighten up we need to pay more attention to properly protecting our skin. Even though using sunscreen may seem like the right “health conscious” thing to do, you may be doing more harm than good! Some of the hazardous active ingredients in sunscreen may actually deplete the sun protecting actions.


Special attention needs to go into choosing the right sunscreen. Many sunscreens out there are packed full of hazardous chemicals. So you may be protecting your skin from sun damage but you are also polluting your body with unwanted chemicals. According to Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) sunscreen guide many sunscreens contain possible skin irritants and hormone disruptors. EWG also states that the majority of the sunscreens on the market contain chemical filters such as: oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, hemosalate and octinoxate. Make sure that you check the ingredients in your sunscreen for these unwanted chemicals.


Are there healthy alternatives?  

Now enough about all the bad stuff and on to the good!! Thankfully we have other options out there with the plethora of natural sunscreens on the market today. Some can be a bit pricey but not all of them are. Sunscreens which contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are safe sunscreens which protect from the sun and aren’t hazardous to your health.


Things to look for when purchasing sunscreen:

  • Waterproof- you want your sunscreen to last and not deplete from sweating

  • Natural ingredients and non-GMO

  • Check different sunscreens ratings on Environmental Working Group to make sure the ones you are purchasing are safe and free of hazardous chemicals

  • Health Canada Approved- this shows that the sunscreen has been clinically tested and deemed safe

Now, for my favourite organic sunscreens!!

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  1. Certified Organic Green Beaver I have tested many brands, and this one is definitely one of my favourites! It contains the active ingredient zinc oxide, you can find the complete ingredient list


    2. Goddess Garden SFF 30 spray sunscreen

    3. UVNatural Sport Sunscreen SPF 30+ 

Keep your skin and body healthy and safe this summer by using proper sunscreens!! Use this amazing resource, from Environmental Working Group, to find out if your sunscreen is safe for you and your family!!

Enjoy the sunshine!!



 Jamie Shaw is currently studying to be a Certified Nutritional Practitioner at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Prior to this she completed an Undergraduate Degree in Kinesiology from Western University. Jamie has worked as a Kinesiologist at a Physiotherapy clinic where she also did personal training and sports rehabilitation. Jamie is very enthusiastic about all things involving health, nutrition and overall wellness. This being why she has founded Pure Life Nutrition and Wellness. She is excited to share her knowledge and do everything she can to help others. Jamie has an online presence which she maintains through blogging for her website.  You can also find her on Facebook and twitter.