OUR #1 Weight Loss Secret Is...

Good Digestion.

One of the #1 reasons that clients come to see us is for weight loss.

At some point in our lives, we all struggle with our weight – whether it’s losing it, gaining it or trying to keep it stable.

When clients come to us saying they need to lose weight, we don’t immediately give them a ‘weight loss’ protocol or cook them low-cal meals, we find out what’s going on behind the scenes.  

Weight can be tied to so many different factors and one of the main ones it is associated with is poor digestion.

So, before you start calorie counting, cutting out all carbs or going on intense liquid diets, here is the real place to start for your weight loss journey.     

Always Start With Digestion

  • Digestion is the truly the seat of our health

  • Here are the digestion questions you need to ask yourself-

    • How many bowel movements am I having a day (1-2 is a good average)

    • Is it painful to go to the bathroom or is it fast and easy?

    • Do I see food in my stool? (hint - you don’t want to see food if your stool)

Now for the top 5 Digestion Tips that Lead to Healthy Weight Loss

1. Chew your food – don’t swallow big hunks of food. It takes way more energy for your digestive system to break down that big piece of food and it won’t be digested properly.  Chew well so that your food becomes like a paste.  This will also help slow down your eating which will allow you to actually feel your ‘I am full’ signal.

2. No liquids while eating – an old weight loss tip was to drink water with meals to make you feel fuller faster.  This is horrible for your digestion because the water dilutes your stomach acid and doesn’t allow the acid to properly breakdown your food; leaving undigested food to pass through.

3. Drink lots of water outside of meals – hydration is so important for keeping a healthy bowel because it helps the bowel eliminate waste and toxins.  Without water intake you would feel very constipated, have low energy and be very headachey.  So drink water every chance you get during the day, outside of meals, of course.

4. Add more fiber in – more fiber in means more waste out.  Fiber is like a sponge that cleans the digestive system and gets rid of build up and unwanted toxins.  An easy way to add fiber to your diet is to mix 1 Tbsp chia seeds with 3 Tbsp water – let it sit for 5 minutes and then drink up.  You can also add berries to this to make it like a chia cereal.

5. Healthy Bacteria – adding in a probiotic is a good idea, especially if you tend to feel a lot of bloating, digestive pain or discomfort.  Probiotics help add good bacteria back into the gut which helps regulate bowel movements, aids in keeping your immune system strong and helps with weight loss.  Take a probiotic for about 2 weeks. 

If you start to follow these 5 digestion and weight loss tips above, you may start seeing some serious results!  

For added support drop us a line here and let us help you find your healthy weight.