How to Detox Your Lungs

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Spring Detox

Since it is Spring and officially the season of detoxing,  we have recently written about how to detox different parts of your body.  There are 5 main detoxification organs in your body, which all play an important role in your everyday health and removal of waste from your cells. We have gone over how to detox your liver, the importance of detoxing your kidneys, why you want to detox your colon, how to support your skin, as well as how to detox your mind (our honorary 6th organ to detox!).  We have made it to the last detox organ- the lungs. 


Why Detox Your Lungs?

On average, you exhale 15 times each minute, which means that you exhales toxins out of your body 900 times in one hour.  That means your lungs are doing a lot more releasing of waste than your digestive and urinary systems in one hour.

When doing a detox, we are quick to jump to detoxing the bowels, kidneys and liver.  However, the lungs are often forgotten.


How to Support Your Lungs

1. Deep Breathing-  While this is a physical practice and not a food, breathing deeply is one of the most cleansing things that you can do for your lungs.  Slowing down your breath and holding it for longer than you would normally, delivers oxygen to the cells.  Disease and cancerous cells can not grow or replicate in an oxygen rich environment. 

To practice deep breathing: Inhale as slowly as you can, counting from 1 to 6 in your mind.  Hold your breath for a few counts.  Then exhale as slowly as you can, counting from 6 to 1 in your mind.

2. Avoid dairy- Eating a lot of dairy causes inflammation in all areas of the body.  Dairy can specifically have a negative impact on the respiratory system by causing excess mucous and congestion in the lungs.  If you regularly eat dairy products, you might not aware of the congestion that they cause until you remove them from your diet temporarily and notice the difference. When doing a full body detox, we highly recommend eliminating dairy from your diet.

3. Vitamin C- Make sure you get lots of vitamin C when you are focusing on detoxing and healing your lungs.  Vitamin C is important for preventing free radical damage and cancerous cells from forming.   This is important for cells throughout your entire body, and is especially important for the lung cells (since they are constantly exposed to toxins in the air from pollutants in our environment, homes, and even in our bodycare products).  

Our favorite sources of vitamin c include: kiwis, blueberries, acai, dark leafy greens, and lemons

4. Lavender and eucalyptus oils- Essential oils offer a wide array of healing attributes.  Lavender oil is calming, soothing and relaxing.  Eucalyptus oil is opening and clearing for stuffiness and congestion in the respiratory system.  You can smell the oils to get their benefits.  Or you can also put a couple of drops on your skin, just below your nostrils.  Make sure that you purchase 100% organic oils that are pure and sourced from a reliable company.