Nutrition Consulting

As holistic nutritionists, we look at various factors that are contributing to your illness or condition – from diet to stress level to emotional health. We give you realistic and applicable tools to implement immediately, which begin creating health in your life. Protocols are customized to you and are tailored to work in your life.


We work with various conditions and illnesses, specializing in cancer, diabetes, 
hormonal balance,
and digestive dysfunction.

How we Help

We always love to meet you in person (or via phone or skype if we live far away from you) so that we can understand and learn about your health challenges and goals.  After an initial consult we will develop a personalized protocol for you, which includes dietary recommendations, recipes, menu plans, supplement recommendations and therapeutic exercises to help get to the root of the cause.  

After discussing your needs and goals thoroughly, we will determine the best plan of action and how much support you will need in regard to follow up consults, phone calls, and/or email support.

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Menu Planning

We develop menu plans and recipes for individual clients as well as restaurants and companies.  We specialize in planning menus for speciality diets and are well versed in planning recipes that are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, and paleo. 

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