Living Kitchen Meal Delivery

How it Works:

Step 1: Browse the menu and select your meals.

Your items will be added directly to your shopping cart!

Orders must be placed by midnight on the Wednesday before Sunday evening or Monday morning delivery.

Step 2: Pay for your meals.

You'll give us your address before payment, so that we can arrange the delivery of your delicious food!

Step 3: Your meals get delivered to you!

The Menu:

Delivery Boundaries:

Lawrence to Lake Ontario, Pape to Jane
*Additional fee if outside of boundaries (subject to change depending on location)
**Deliveries take please between 6:30pm-10pm on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee when the meals will arrive to you between that time range.  

Want a taster?

The Meal Delivery Sampler Package includes 2 meals for only $18 each, and there is no charge for delivery to try Meal Delivery.  Delivery is on us!

Purchase a Gift Certificate for Meal Delivery

Order meals for someone else as a gift.  Once your order has been placed, you will receive a gift certificate via email.  
The recipient of the gift certificate has 1 year from the purchase date to redeem their meals. 

Want to order meals on an ongoing basis automatically? Contact us below to set up recurring billing.

Have Questions? We Are Happy to Give You Answers.

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