So, you just participated in the detox and you may be feeling a variety of things-

  1. You feel fantastic.  You’re feeling a little lighter, your body feels energized and nourished with tons of phytonutrients and antioxidants. 
  2. You feel the same as before, not much has changed but you are proud of yourself for eating such clean meals and so many green vegetables for the last 12 days.
  3. You feel awful.  Your body misses sugar and carbs and you cannot look at another raw vegetable or raw salad again.

Let me assure you that wherever you are at and however you feel – it is perfect.  A detox is all about clearing out the crap and filling up with the good stuff no matter how easy or painful it is.

As the detox is approaching it’s end – we want to make sure you and your health are completely supported as you move forward into Fall and Winter.   These months tend to be the ones where your immune system get compromised and you turn to refined carbs to comfort you from Canada’s -40 degree weather.  

We have 3 different offerings to share with you.  Our menus are changing and will be incorporating lots of warming vegetables, heartier mains and comforting meals to nourish the body through the colder months.  They will still be nutrient rich, healthy and satisfying.

1.    Keeping it Light – Continue on the Health Bandwagon
Receive 10% off of a week’s worth of meals
*purchase meals, snacks, smoothies or soups until the end of November and receive this discount (this can only be used for one week)

Receive this discount when you sign up for meals here.


2.    Going the Distance – Ready to Make this a Habit
Stay with us for another month (Nov 4-Dec 2) and receive 15% off the following…
Each week you will receive-
5 meals (of your choosing)
1 liter Soup of the Week
6 servings of Snack of the Week

Register here.  We will be taking this offer down 3 days after the detox ends.
*includes delivery
**You save $90


If you have any questions about any of support packages – please email or call 416 710 7134.