Living Kitchen Meal Delivery

Whether you are a new parent or have your hands full with taking care of your family, we can help.  Our food is also great if you are busy working or if you want to clean up your diet and eat healthy food to gently support a detox. 

We prepare small batches of fresh meals every week.  In order to maintain the high quality of our meals we work with a limited number of clients at one time, to ensure that we accommodate dietary needs and offer menu variety. 

Please get in touch about ordering and to see if we are accepting new clients.

Our Meals Are
Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free
Refined Free, Hormone and Antibiotic Free
Organic as much as possible

Vegetarian and Omnivore
We Also Specialize in Food to Support Cancer Care

Living Kitchen Meal Delivery

How Meal Delivery Works

Boxed Meals

We prepare 5 different omnivore meals and 5 different vegan meals each week. These meals are great for lunches and/or dinners.  You can order all omnivore meals, all vegan meals, or a combination of some omnivore and some vegan meals.  

Each meal comes with a serving of a protein based main dish and a serving of a vegetable based side dish.  Some sides contain whole grains such as quinoa and brown rice, however we can easily modify your meals to be grain-free if you prefer.

You can customize the number of meals that you would like delivered.  

Sample Menus: 

Our menu changes every week.  We choose the freshest ingredients possible and always create new, seasonal recipes.

Sample Omnivore Menu:

Ginger Garlic Organic White Fish Burgers
Brown Rice Noodle Veggie Bowl w/ Ume Dressing

Paprika Spice Rubbed Chicken (hormone/antibiotic free)
Super Greens Detox Salad w/ Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette

Balsamic Rosemary Chicken (hormone/antibiotic free)
Quinoa, Green Herb Sauce, Beets, Brussels Sprouts,
and Steamed Greens Medley

Zatar Lemon Trout (local Ontario)
Roasted Squash, Crispy Red Onions and Kale

Sample Vegan Menu:

Ginger Garlic Organic Local Tempeh
Brown Rice Noodle Veggie Bowl w/ Ume Dressing

Paprika Spice Rubbed Organic Tofu
Super Greens Salad w/ Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette

Black Bean Bowl
Quinoa, Green Herb Sauce, Beets, Brussels Sprouts,
and Steamed Greens Medley

Zatar Lemon Chickpeas
Roasted Squash, Crispy Red Onions and Kale

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Pricing Information:

10 Meal Package (lunches and dinner)
Omnivore $185+hst
Vegan $175+hst
Omnivore and Vegan Combo $185+hst

Ordering more than 10 lunches and dinners/week?
We have discounted rates available!

5 Meal Package (lunches OR dinners)
Omnivore $92.50 +hst
Vegan $87.50+hst
Omnivore and Vegan Combo $92.50+hst



We deliver meals in insulated cooler bags.  We will include ice packs if it is hot out on delivery days. 

We recommend putting your food items directly into the refrigerator as soon as possible after delivery.

We pick up all cooler bags and ice packs, as well as mason jars (some of our detox programs use mason jars to deliver soup) at your next delivery.  If you are home at the time of delivery, our driver is happy to take the cooler bag and ice packs once you  have removed your food items.   Please note, there is  $5 fee for each unreturned cooler bag.

There is a $10+hst weekly fee for the 1 delivery (Tuesday) when ordering meals.

Deliveries are between 5pm and 10pm.  We do offer Wednesday morning delivery option as well. 

Our delivery zone is from the 401 to Lake Ontario, Royal York to Main.  If you live outside of our delivery zone, we may be able to deliver to you.  Please get in touch and we will let you know. 

Understand Our Menu and Packaging

All of our menus are designed by Holistic Nutritionists and prepared by Chefs who have been trained in holistic cooking principles.  We make sure that all meals are nutritionally balanced to support your health.  We use the highest quality ingredients, emphasizing the importance of food being organic, local, hormone/antibiotic free, and completely free of anything refined.  

Meals are prepared fresh and delivered directly to you.

All packaging is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.  Our containers are not microwavable.  We recommend enjoying meals within 4 days of receiving a delivery.  You can eat meals at room temperature or warm them up in a baking dish in the oven at 350 for 10-15 minutes. 

We reuse our cooler bags and glass jars.  Please give cooler bags to our delivery team at your next delivery.  If you are not home, please leave the cooler bag and glass jars at your door.

Omnivore Menu: We prepare hormone and antibiotic free, local poultry and sustainable fish.  

Vegetarian/Vegan Menu: We prepare beans, legumes, and locally made organic soy-free tempeh.

Purchase a Gift Certificate for Meal Delivery

Please get in touch and we can customize a gift package for you!

Want more personalized meals?

Our Private Chef Service provides food that is made just for you, so you never have to worry about ordering something that you don't like or have allergies to.   For more information: Private Chef