Living Kitchen Meal Delivery

If you are busy on the go, don’t have time to grocery shop and cook, yet still want to eat delicious, healthy food,
Living Kitchen Meal Delivery is for you.

We deliver freshly made meals twice a week on Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings.  All of our meals provide you with a plentiful serving of vegetables in addition to omnivore or vegetarian protein. 

Our Meals Are
Gluten Free, Dairy Free
Refined Free, Hormone and Antibiotic Free

Vegetarian and Omnivore
We Also Specialize in Food to Support Cancer Care

How it Works

Step 1: Check out our menu for the upcoming week

Step 2: Select and order your meals

Please place orders by 5pm on the Wednesday before the Sunday that you would like delivery.  

Step 3: Meals are delivered to you

Deliveries are on Sunday evenings and/or Wednesday evenings.  Read below for more details.

Delivery Boundaries

Lawrence to Lake Ontario, Pape to Jane
Additional fee if outside of boundaries (subject to change depending on location)
Deliveries take please between 6:30pm-10pm on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee when the meals will arrive to you during that time range.  

Praise for Meal Delivery

"Having my meals delivered on a weekly basis has been so helpful.  I don't have time to cook, nor do I enjoy doing it, so knowing that my meals are healthy and right on hand has been a big game changer for me.  I always feel really good after I eat your food and many of my office colleagues are always jealous of my lunches!"

 - Diane, Meal Delivery Client

About the Meals

All of our menus are designed by Holistic Nutritionists and prepared by Chefs who have been trained in holistic cooking principles.  We make sure that all meals are nutritionally balanced to support your health.  We use the highest quality ingredients, emphasizing the importance of food being organic, local, hormone/antibiotic free, and completely free of anything refined.  

Meals are prepared fresh and delivered directly to you on Sunday evenings (meals for Monday-Wednesday).  Additional meals are delivered on Wednesday afternoons/evenings (meals for Thursday-Friday).

All packaging is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.  Our containers are not microwavable.  We recommend enjoying meals within 3 days of receiving a delivery.  You can eat meals at room temperature or warm them up in a baking dish in the oven at 350 for 10-15 minutes. 

We reuse our cooler bags and glass jars.  Please return cooler bags to our delivery team at your next delivery.  If you are not home, please leave the cooler bag and glass jars at your door.

Menu changes weekly and seasonally.  Each meal is designed for one person and consists of a main and a hearty side.  

Omnivore Menu: We prepare organic poultry and sustainable fish.  We also use organic eggs.  

Vegetarian/Vegan Menu: We prepare beans, legumes, organic tofu, and locally made soy-free tempeh. 

A la Carte: These items change weekly.  They are gluten and dairy free unless specified on the menu.

Want a taster?

The Meal Delivery Sampler Package includes 2 meals for only $18 each.  Delivery is on us!

Have Questions? We Are Happy to Help!

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