Living Kitchen Seminars

We offer a wide array of interactive seminars, which can be tailored to cover specific topics of interest for your organization. We have led workshops for many Canadian companies, which include interactive cooking demonstrations and educational presentations about health and nutrition.   We also provide food samples

Examples of Popular Lunch n' Learn Topics:

Healthy Lunches: How to Eat Well, Be Productive & Feel Energized Throughout the Workday
Eating for Energy: How to Increase Energy and Reduce Stress
Busy & Vibrant: How to Eat Well When You Don’t Have Time
How to Rev Up Your Metabolism: Simple Tips to Start Up Now
Stay Healthy & Prevent Cancer: Foods to Eat Today to Enhance Immunity

What Past Clients Have Said:

“The food was absolutely amazing and a perfect match for the event. With 60 women in attendance who either had cancer or were at significantly increased risk, your healthy, delicious, nourishing food was much appreciated.”

- Natalie, Rethink Breast Cancer, speaking & catering event


“Thank you so much for today's session. Our staff really enjoyed. Everyone is now dying to get their hands on more of your recipes especially the muffins and the granola. Look forward to those!”

- Ashley, Yamaha Motors, lunch n’ learn & full lunch provided

“Tamara handled the group beautifully on Saturday and they were a tough crowd to start so kudos! I suspected there would be some resistance re: white bread and pasta but I think that cooking together was fun and then the fact that the food was so delicious helped to convince them that eating well doesn’t have to be bland. Even Evette (the caterer) learned that you can make food taste well using pesto-like dressings. We achieved what we had hoped.”  

- Antonia, held a home lunch n’ learn

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