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Frequently Asked Questions

We made this recipe club to make cooking (and meal planning) easy and fun!  Every week we create new recipes for you, along with a detailed grocery list, so you’ll know exactly what to make.   

We provide the recipes and menu planning.  All you have to do is cook the meals in the comfort of your own home and enjoy eating them! 

We always aim to keep our recipes simple and easy, nothing too time consuming, because we know how busy life gets.  

Once your 1 week free trial is over, your credit card will be billed $27 once every month if you signed up for the monthly option.   If you signed up for the annual option, your credit card will be billed $299 once every year.  You can cancel at any time.

You can always omit certain ingredients if you can’t eat them. We have cooked for clients with allergies/sensitivities for over 10 years, so we avoid a lot of common allergens (such as dairy, gluten).

We’ll always give you tips on potential substitutions in the recipes (for example, we’ll suggest using tahini if you can’t eat nut butter). 

If you ever have a question about substitutions you can always email us at

No problem, you’ll get 1 free trial week to see if you like it when you sign up.    To access the free trial, you’ll have to sign up for the 1 month or 1 year option.  But, don’t worry, your credit card won’t be billed until after the 1 week trial (if you cancel before the end of the trial week, you won’t be billed).

We’ve learned that we gotta be realistic and some nights you just don’t feel like cooking a specific recipe.  We found it works best to leave some wiggle room in your plans each week.  This leaves space for ordering takeout and taking some nights off from cooking.  Maybe you have a simple go-to meal or favourite that you want to include in the rotation.  Or some frozen meals  you want to use up. 

If you ever have questions about what to make, you’ll be able to ask us for help in our Facebook group once you’re a member.

Each week you’ll get 6 new recipes, so even though everyone has specific preferences, there will always be a variety of mouth-watering recipes with different flavour profiles you’ll want to make, we promise.  We want to inspire you to cook new things that you never thought to make before!

You’ll get an account with log-in info once you sign up.  All you do is sign into the members-only area on our website to access recipes, grocery lists, notes about ingredient substitutions/swaps, prep tips to save time, and music playlists to keep you inspired while cooking. We also post instructional videos about some of the more tricky recipes.

You’ll be able to download PDF files of recipes if you prefer to print them out. 

We always make gluten-free and dairy-free recipes. Once in a while we might include the option of adding in dairy or gluten to a recipe (but it’ll always be optional and we’ll provide the GF/DF alternative in the recipe).

All of our recipes are plant based, meaning there will be lots of vegetables.  We consider ourselves flexitarians, so sometimes we eat all vegetarian and sometimes we eat omnivore protein.  We will have protein options for BOTH vegetarians and omnivores. We use whole food ingredients, so there’s nothing refined.  That means we use things like maple syrup, honey, and coconut sugar instead of white sugar.  We use nourishing oils like extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.  We use whole grains, like rice or gluten free noodles (but you can always swap out the grains if you don’t eat them).

Of course we’ll be sad to see you go, but you can cancel at anytime (you can access your account info at any time once you’re logged in and select to cancel with one click).

Yes! You can sign up for 1 free trial week, no strings attached.  If you don’t want to sign up yet, you can also get 1 week of sample recipes here: 1 Free Week of Sample Recipes

Canadian.  If you are in the US or another country, your credit card will convert the price on your statement.

“We have had the great pleasure of working with the Living Kitchen for more than six years. In that time, we have been more well nourished and enjoyed more delicious meals than we ever could have imagined. Sarah and Tamara and their team are brilliant menu planners and fabulous cooks. In all the years that they have been cooking for our family, they have rarely repeated dishes, unless requested. We marvel that they are so creative and we are thankful that we are so healthy thanks to them.”


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