Empower Your Health

Coming September 2023

In 5 days you’ll learn, our simple and powerful framework for

 understanding the best foods for your body (not someone else’s), 

how your mind is your greatest health tool you have (learn to manage it, especially in times of stress or anxiety)

finding a healthy weight from an empowered place (not a restrictive or self-deprecating one)

Our top 4 pillars for longevity (that also help you feel good now)

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Sarah and Tamara saved my life! I am a two time cancer survivor and credit getting through treatment the second time with flying colours, to the wonderfully delicious and nutritious special food. Equally important is the kindness, caring, love and positive energy they infused into into ME. I am now super healthy and cancer-­free. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
stefanie mackenzie
Psychotherapist & Life Coach