The Living Kitchen is a collective of holistic nutritionists and personal chefs. We specialize in making you feel your best.


 New Parents
Busy Families

  • Meal Delivery Services 
  • Whole Foods, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Local, Allergy Sensitive 
  • Omnivore, Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Working Professionals
Corporate Lunches

  • Lunches for Meetings
  • Food for Events
  • Group Detox Programs
  • Lunch and Learns


  • Personalized Menu
  • Fresh Food at Home
  • Menu Planning Services
  • Our Nutritionists & Chefs Work With You to Reach Your Health Goals     

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Check Out Some of Our Valued Clients

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"The Living Kitchen saved my life!  I am a two time cancer survivor and credit getting through treatment the second time with flying colours, to the wonderfully delicious and nutritious special food they made me to combat symptoms and side effects.  Equally important is the kindness, caring, love and positive energy they infused into their recipes and into ME.  I am now super healthy and cancer-free.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  

- Stefanie, client & cancer survivor