Introducing the Good Mood Club

Because Kale Yeah, Your Mood and Mental Health Matters!

Sometimes it's hard to be happy all the time

1 in 13 people worldwide suffer from anxiety and 280 million people live with depression. And nearly 1 in 4 adults feel lonely?!

If you ever feel anything like this, know you’re not alone.  We all experience challenges with our mood and mental health. This is why we created The Good Mood Club, so you don’t have to do it alone.

We know the foundation to balanced moods and mental and physical wellness begins with the foods you eat, the quality sleep you’re getting, your exercise and movement, and the people you’re surrounding yourself with. 

In our cookbook, Good Food Good Mood, we teach you how to eat to support your body and mind to reduce stress, boost energy, help focus, instill calm, improve sleep and boost your overall feelings of wellness.

The Good Mood Club brings our cookbook to LIFE


3 Live Calls over 3 Months

April 18, May 23, June 20

In these calls we will be teaching you tools, tips and practical ways to take care of your health and support your mood, all while being in a supportive, encouraging community.


There are 3 foundational pillars to support your mood:


Get ready to explore how the foods you eat can directly impact your mood, energy levels, and overall well-being. We’ll be bringing our cookbook Good Food Good Mood to LIFE and delve into the specific foods and nutrients you need for a healthy microbiome, blood sugar balance and strengthen your gut-brain connection.


We’re talking about getting out of your head and into your body! Learn the foundations to listen to your body so you know what you need to feel balanced, connected and grounded.  We’ll explore things like sensation tracking, joyful movement and exercises for your nervous system to feel safe to relax and feel your emotions.


With practical tips and powerful techniques, you’ll learn how to cultivate resilience and boost self-confidence. The biggest challenge is the knowing-doing gap, you already know so much and the question is how do you actually apply it to your life? We will guide you on how to actually integrate and implement the things you need for your health and body into your life.

In the Good Mood Club we help you integrate tips, guidance and recipes from the cookbook to bolster your mood...

and implement wellness tools into your life, so you no longer have to guess how to do it.  Plus, it’s a lot more fun in community! 

Because let’s be honest – you know a lot, like a lot, a lot!  The tricky part for most of us isn’t the knowing… it’s the doing.  How do we do what we know is good for us? Or rather, how do we stop doing what we know is bad for us?

The Good Mood Club will help you integrate what you learn in the cookbook and bring it into your daily life so you can take care of your mood and wellbeing.  It’s time to embrace the powerful connection between the foods you eat and your overall well-being!

But Wait, there's more!

As a member of the Good Mood Club, you’ll also gain access to our exclusive online community, where you can connect with like-minded individuals, share recipe ideas and cheer each other on every step of the way (plus coming together in community is one of the best ways to support our mood!).

Plus, you’ll receive live support and guidance from Tamara and Sarah on our group calls, ensuring that you have everything you need to thrive on your mood-boosting journey.

Hi! We're Sarah & Tamara

Certified nutritionists, wellness chefs, best-selling cookbook authors and the founders of the Living Kitchen.  Our 2nd cookbook, Good Food Good Mood, is now available.

We’ve been working in the health space for over 10 years and have seen fad diets and nutrition dogmas come and go.

We know what actually works for people to up-level their health, feel motivated and inspired, and be comfortable and confident in their bodies so they can enjoy their lives. 

We combine mindset strategies, supportive somatic practices, nutrition science and practical recipes to create lasting changes for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our group calls are online on zoom, so you can live anywhere in the world.

All you have to do is buy a copy of the cookbook, Good Food Good Mood, to join the club!  There are no additional fees other than the cost of the cookbook.

If you didn’t purchase the cookbook and received it as a gift, you can still join the club! Just send us a quick email at and we’ll get you set up for free.

April 18th, May 23rd and June 20th.  All of the calls are at 12pm EST.  They will be recorded in case you can’t make it live!

There are 3 group calls and there will be 1 call per month in April, May and June 2024.  Each call is 1 hour long.

Yes! The Good Mood Club is exclusively for readers who have the cookbook.  We’ll be bringing the cookbook to life in our group calls.

That’s ok! We’ll record the group calls, so you can watch them when you’re able to (but we’d definitely love to see you there live!).

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