About Us

The Living Kitchen began in 2010 in Toronto, Canada. Since 2010 we’ve been cooking, planning menus, creating recipes and working intimately with people to elevate their health, recover from illnesses, adjust their diets, and make powerful changes in their lives. Our first cookbook, The Living Kitchen, was published by Appetite by Random House, in January 2019.  We’re currently working on our second cookbook and can’t wait to share it with you! 

Sarah Grossman

I’m a nutritionist, author, chef and food photographer and good food has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up in the US in a family that was always cooking.  Starting in my teens I struggled with hormonal balance and endometriosis for most of my adult life and it took me many years to figure out what type of “diet” was best for me and that there really is no one size fits all approach to what you should eat. While getting my BA from Hampshire College in Massachusetts, I fell in love with nutrition and developed my cooking skills through working in restaurants. Eventually moving to Canada, I became a Certified Nutritional Practitioner at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and I now love assisting and empowering others to feel healthier and manage chronic health conditions by eating healthy food. I love food photography and you can find my photos on the Living Kitchen blog and social media platforms, as well as on Food Network Canada.  My first cookbook, co-authored with Tamara, was published by Appetite by Random House in January 2019. I also love getting out into nature as much as possible, practicing yoga, and hosting dinner parties with my husband and daughter. 

Tamara Green

I’m a nutritionist, chef, author and TV host and I grew up loving hamburgers, french fries, pizza and chicken fingers… a shiny example that picky eating habits don’t last forever!  Along with my hamburger loving ways, I also suffered from pretty painful digestive issues, eventually being diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I was in chronic pain for 9 years until I turned to food to heal myself. After being completely symptom free since 2008, it’s my passion to assist people to eliminate pain, find health and eat nourishing, real good food. I got my BA (hons) from McGill, went to the the Institute of Holistic Nutrition to become a Certified Nutritionist and I’m a chef. I combine my knowledge of nutrition and passion for cooking to work with clients to create lasting changes in their lives.  

A few other fun facts: I’m a mama, I hosted a TV show called Home Cookin’, Sarah and I create recipes, write and photograph delicious food for Food Network and our first cookbook with Appetite by Random House was published in January 2019.  

Meet our team

Private Chef Client Care, Menu Planner & Nutritionist

I have always loved food and eating and all the in between. One of my nicknames growing up was, “Nurse Wild Hair” as I was constantly making potions and trying to take care of people/make them drink the potions! I had a lot of health issues as a little kid, with asthma from the age of 4 up until late teens, collapsed lungs, pneumonia, in the hospital constantly, rounds of steroids, antibiotics etc. I had serious digestive issues, acne, major inflammation and all the good stuff. I got really tired of feeling terrible and just started learning all that I could about the body. Then I discovered holistic nutrition and fell in love with it. All things food, nutrition and the body fascinate me not to mention creating and enjoying delicious meals! 

Favorite foods:
Basically anything! I just really love cooking and food, the mixing and matching of flavours, the freedom to make what I want when I want. Watching an idea based on nutrients, flavours or textures turn into something so delicious and satisfying. The kitchen is my favourite room in the house! 

I love:
Cooking/eating, being outside in nature, riding my bike, Reiki, hanging out with animals, physical activity in general, learning and experiencing new things, just being alive on this beautiful planet. 

Holistic Nutritionist and Chef

My love for all things food began at a young age! Growing up in a latin home, food was always at the center of everything. After following the traditional path into the culinary world I knew I had to change gears after my mothers cancer diagnosis. It was through her healing process that I fell in love with all things holistic, eventually leading me to become a holistic nutritionist myself. 

Favorite foods:
Anything with chocolate! Roasted sweet potatoes, braised beef (barbacoa style)

I love:
Getting out in nature with my dog (Picasso) as much as I can 

Holistic Nutritionist and Chef

I got into cooking at a young age, my grandmothers and mother were amazing cooks and I loved learning how to cook with them. I became more interested in the nutritional side of food while working with community members and seeing the impacts of food inequality paired with knowledge gaps in cooking skills. Being able to share cooking skills and my nutritional knowledge with both young and old is very fulfilling.

Favorite Foods:
Soup, so many possibilities.
Brussels sprouts and banana bread. All the comfort foods.

I love:
Dancing and sewing.

Holistic Nutritionist and Chef

My love of cooking started at a young age from helping my mom in the kitchen to watching hours of the Food Network together. Pursuing further education in Holistic Nutrition gave me even more confidence in the kitchen, understanding how food is not only enjoyable, but can help nourish, support, and heal your body. 

Favorite Foods:
My favourite thing to cook is probably soup, with my two favourites being roasted butternut squash and a hearty chicken soup with lots of ginger and lemon! My favourite comfort meal would have to be spaghetti bolognese with a big salad and a side sourdough garlic toast 🙂 

I love:
I really love to read and find it to be one of the best ways to unwind, aside from cooking

Holistic Nutritionist and Chef

I’ve always loved cooking but the nutrition side came in when I was having skin and digestive issues back in 2004. I had a specialist tell tell me that diet didn’t matter and offered me a prescription which I turned down and left.  I went to my first holistic practitioner who changed my diet and within a week I felt like a new person with clear skin, no digestive issues and so much more energy!  I never looked back!

Favorite Foods:
My favourite things to cook are curries, one pot meals, soups/stews, shepherds pie and I love to make my own ferments.

I love:
I used to be a an artist and when I have the time between family and work I love to paint/create things.  I also love going on hikes, swimming at the cottage, yoga and rollercoasters 

Holistic Chef

I have loved to cook ever since I can remember! Growing up my mother was very health conscious and used food to heal our family. I got my first kitchen job in high school and have been cooking ever since. I trained in culinary arts at George Brown College. Currently, my focus is on organic foods and local food security work.

Favorite Foods:
My new favorite thing to cook has been bone broth! I made a pot of broth for a friend who was feeling sick over the Christmas break, since then my friends and I have all been in love with making fresh broth. Otherwise, my favorite things to make are fresh seasonal meals made with fresh produce, nothing over the top just honest food!

I love:
I love to knit when I’m not cooking or growing food. I always have a knitting project on the go and I carry it with me all the time.