Re-wire your brain & re-program your diet to gain energy, love your weight & feel the best you have in years!

In our 4 month program, we'll guide you on how to break unhealthy habits, develop a strong health mindset, master your diet, blood sugar and beyond to be the healthiest version of you

Doors open in September 2023 for the next 4-month session 

Does this sound like you?

You eat well, you know A LOT about nutrition but you’re still not feeling as good as you know you can.  

You can’t figure out the best diet for you even with all the resources and knowledge you have!

You’re going through life with a “meh” amount of energy and can’t seem to figure out how to feel better.

Your cravings are running your life and you’re not sure how to escape them.  

You know you “shouldn’t” grab a muffin while you’re out or eat late at night, but it’s like something else takes over and you just can’t help it.


You’re at a weight you are not happy with and despite eating all the “right” things, you can’t seem to release it (or you struggle with being underweight).  You feel stuck. 

If it’s not weight, you have a lingering health issue, something that you can’t seem to get a handle on.


What if you could stop feeling stuck with your health?

The Empowered Health Reset

Our 4 month program, supportive community and expert coaching is here — designed to have you reach your health goals

Here's what you'll get

  • Weekly live trainings and coaching on the most up-to-date health research to give you targeted advice, feedback and guidance on your health goals and the exact next steps you need to take
  • 1:1 accountability and coaching based on your diet, hormones, and health history
  • a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) to understand your blood sugar and 1:1 coaching to make sense of your graph to take immediate actions to improve your diet
  • The power of group and community support, while also getting personalized attention
  • Guidance on how to implement menu planning and meal prep in your life (along with recipe guides and recommendations).
  • Bonus calls with experts in breathwork, mobility & strength straining, Emotional Freedom Technique

Hi! We're Tamara & Sarah

Certified nutritionists, wellness chefs, best-selling cookbook authors and the founders of The Living Kitchen.

We’ve been working in the health space for over 10 years and have seen fad diets and nutrition dogmas come and go.

We know what actually works for people to up-level their health, make leaps in their energy, release weight that’s no longer serving them and create longevity in their lives.

We combine brain psychology, nutrition science and practical recipes to create changes that actually STICK and work!

“Tamara and Sarah saved my life! I am a two-time cancer survivor and credit getting through treatment the second time with flying colours, to their wonderfully delicious and nutritious special food to combat symptoms and side effects. Equally important is the kindness, caring, love and positive energy they infused into their recipes and into ME. I am now super healthy and cancer-free. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Stephanie Mack 

learn to become the healthiest version of you

We’ll help you become energized and confident in your food choices and your body to up-level your health in a way you’ve never felt before.


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“When I met with the Sarah and Tamara, I was rapidly losing weight (down to 139 at my lowest point) and suffering from constant indigestion, as I had been for the better part of the year. With the help of a gastro-intestinal specialist supervising my medical treatment and the Living Kitchen handling all aspects of my diet, I was not only able to regain 35 pounds but in the process reduced both my cholesterol and blood pressure to very normal levels, and completely eliminated the need for medication.  What’s more the discomfort went away and I feel great. It is my belief that if I had not met Sarah and Tamara, none of this would have been possible.” 

– Jason Taylor

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get first access to our free masterclass in September 2023 and
find out when the doors to the next 4-month session of Empowered Health open in September!

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Testimonials from past Empowered Health participants:

“I have loved this program. The mindset and activities you did were so powerful”


“This has been the most outstanding experience. I have the utmost respect for you and all you do. I can’t thank you enough xoxo”


“This has been an amazing journey and I have learnt so much. I am so grateful for the energy and enthusiasm you both bring to everything.  It’s so appreciated.  There is always so much positivity radiating from you both via zoom and that is wonderful”


“You two are doing a beautiful thing in this world by bringing this program to others”


“I have been fascinated about the science behind losing and maintaining a healthy weight. And the fact that one can eat whatever she/he wants with some careful planning and some behaviour changes is amazing and unbelievable.  Dealing with cravings is not about “will power” as they say.  Your commitment to help, your knowledge, program content and being the caring people you are contributed to my personal success. It has been a pleasure to work with you”

Don't miss out -- we can't wait to go on this journey with you!