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Masterclass Replays

Session 1- Balance your Blood Sugar - here's how

Understand the inner workings of your blood sugar + insulin levels.  A topic that may not sound “sexy” but is the foundation of your health.  Watch till the end to find out the homework and learn how blood sugar balance plays an enormous role in day-to-day health and in the long run.  You want to live a long, healthy life? Time to start paying attention to blood sugar and insulin. 

Session 2- Use our eating framework

Learn what the heck to eat! How to craft your meals to balance blood sugar, support muscle growth, immunity, gut health and keep you feeling full, satiated and energized.

Session 3- Get into Rest & Digest mode - fast!

Learn why stress is the backbone of every illness.  What it actually means to “regulate” your nervous system and the science behind living life in “rest-and-digest” or “safe-and-social”

Session 4- find a healthy weight from an empowered place

Hear Elizabeth’s powerful story and then learn how to find a healthy weight for your body from an empowering place. Use our 2 critical strategies to find a confident, healthy weight for you. 

Session 5- The gut/mental health connection

Did you know the bacteria that live inside your gut are responsible for your happiness, pleasure and feelings of calm? They’re also responsible for your immunity, digestion and a lot more.  Learn how to easily build a healthy gut microbiome with the addition of these foods…

Session 6 - Q&A

  • Will this work for me?
  • It’s cost prohibitive, how do I make it work financially?
  • How much time is this going to take?

Also, hear from Cat and Dria on what it was like to work with us!

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