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Holistic Chef or Culinary Nutritionist

Looking for a holistic nutritionist with professional cooking experience, or holistic chef/experienced cook with nutrition knowledge, to prepare food in clients’ private homes. Must be experienced preparing healthy/holistic nutrition style recipes, including poultry, meat, fish and vegetarian/vegan options. Our style of cooking is: gluten free, dairy free, refined-sugar free and we work with other food sensitivities/allergies.

Recipes will be provided to follow, however it’s important that you are able to taste and adjust seasoning as needed to make everything taste great.

We might need you to pick up groceries as well for clients (you will be reimbursed and paid for shopping time).



Part-Time, Permanent

Scheduling is flexible and depends on your availability.  Mondays and Tuesdays are our most popular days since clients usually prefer food prepped early in the week.  So those are the best days to have available.  But if you have availability on other days, we will do our best to schedule clients for you on those days too!

Most cooking sessions are 4-5 hours in length.  Some clients have grocery shopping done as well, which generally is between 30 minutes to 1 hour.



1. Toronto (most of our clients are in Toronto, we are looking for someone who can cook here.  We also often cook for clients in Mississauga and Richmond Hill – if you’re able to drive to these areas as well that is a plus! Travel fee included)

2. Oakville (If you’re able to go to Hamilton and Burlington as well that is definitely a plus.  Travel fee included)


Who You Are/Qualifications:

– at least 1 year of professional experience cooking and preparing food based on holistic nutrition principles (restaurant experience and/or cooking for clients)
– experience preparing vegetarian/vegan as well as healthy omnivore meals (such as paleo, keto style, etc)
– have professional chef training OR experience working in restaurants (or comparable experience working with private clients)
-certified as a nutritionist (or well versed and knowledgable about nutrition based cooking
– knowledge of holistic cooking principles (ie- safe cooking oils, gluten free foods, whole sweeteners, gluten free grains)
– passionate about cooking and feeding people healthy, tasty food
– independent and good team player
– efficient with time in the kitchen and able to multitask different recipes at the same time
– punctual and reliably on time for work
– trustworthy
– friendly
– professional
– valid Food Handlers Certificate
– have a car and driver’s license and be able to drive

To apply:

Please email resume and information about yourself to