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How to Make Home Made Electrolyte Drinks in the Summer

Electrolytes are important nutrients for our bodies that impact the heart, muscles, and nerves. A lack of electrolytes can result in muscle cramping, delayed muscle soreness, and spasms, which can contribute to headaches that you may experience post-workout. When you sweat, you lose electrolytes, which then can be replaced by plant-based foods, and beverages. It’s especially important to replace your electrolytes in the summer when the heat and sun cause additional water loss from the body.

It can be tempting to buy electrolyte drinks, but we highly recommend avoiding any bottled drinks that are coloured and sweetened with processed and refined sugar (or worse, nigh fructose corn syrup) and flavoured with artificial ingredients.  It’s actually really easy to make your own electrolyte drink.  We have 2 easy recipes below for you to try and make home made electrolyte drinks that are healthy and naturally refreshing.

Where are Electrolytes found naturally?

Electrolytes are found in sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. This may sound intimidating at first glance, but you are consuming all of these minerals without even knowing it! All of these are found in plant-based foods, mostly in your fruits and vegetables, specifically the red, orange, and/or yellow ones.  Nuts, seeds, and beans contain a good source of magnesium and calcium, while green leafy vegetables are a good source of calcium and potassium.

Electrolytes are primarily found in beverages and juices made from the electrolyte-rich infused fruits and vegetables.

Foods containing natural electrolytes:

Coconut water (potassium, magnesium and sodium)
Bananas (potassium)
Avocados (potassium)
Celery (Sodium)
Beets (sodium)
Bok Choy (sodium)
Bell peppers (red, yellow, orange- sodium)
Beans, white (magnesium)
Almonds and cashew nuts (magnesium and calcium)
Sunflower and sesame seeds (magnesium and calcium)

What about water?

Water plays an important role of hydration to the body that should not be ignored, but does not contain any electrolytes. Consuming about 64oz-80oz of water daily is highly recommended. If you are having coconut water or any other electrolyte-rich beverage, just remember that they do not count as your fluid intake of the day, and that your main source of hydration should be coming from the 64-80oz of water.

Electrolyte Rich Strawberry Coconut Refresher

3 cups of coconut water
1 cup of fresh water
1 cup of spinach
1 cup of strawberries
1 cup of ice

Blend together in a high power blender until smooth.

Easy Peasy Electrolyte Refresher

3 cups fresh water
3 Tbsp lemon juice
1/8 tsp sea salt
3 tsp maple syrup or raw honey

Blend together in a high power blender until smooth.


written by Morgan Campbell, George Brown Nutrition student

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